Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk In Our Yard On Cape Cod

I heard the Crows squawking the other day and went outside to see what all the ruckus was about. There, high in the tree in our front yard was this Red-Tailed Hawk perched, apparently looking for lunch. We’ve had one chick hatch in our yard the past two summers, so I wondered if this was the latest one.

He doesn’t look quite mature yet… maybe he’s a juvenile?

I have to add a little more to this story… last weekend I saw some movement way high up in one of the trees in our back yard. I looked up and there was a Red-Tailed Hawk with a branch in its beak. He spread his wings and brought the branch to the nest above. What a treat! It looks like we’ll have nesting hawks in our yard again.

And then we started wondering… is it the original parent or one of his offspring that keeps using the same nest each year? So much fun to watch!

4 thoughts on “Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk In Our Yard On Cape Cod”

  1. Even though hawks don’t necessarily return to the same nest year after year, it looks like several generations of a hawk family have discovered the wonders of the Tulin Heated Spa and Bountiful Buffet. You’re clearly doing everything right!

  2. What an absolutely handsome young red-tailed hawk! Love the fact that they will be nesting in your yard! What a fantastic opportunity to watch them do all the things necessary to raise their family. You are so right, Mel, there is no place like home.
    Thanks for another great photo!

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