Rare Pine Siskin At Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod

I was so surprised to see this Pine Siskin at our bird bath the other day. I checked with our Bird Checklist for Cape Cod and saw that they are rare but regular in this area at this time and usually hard to find. That was pretty cool. We used to see a lot of them in Colorado, but not here on Cape Cod.

A Pine Siskin is a small finch which has  a brown-streaked body with yellow patches and two white wing-bars on its wings. Its tail also has small yellow patches.

Have you ever seen a Pink Siskin? Pretty little bird…

2 thoughts on “Rare Pine Siskin At Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod”

  1. What a handsome fellow, Mel and you capture him so perfectly!
    We saw our first ones in Estes Park. Nice to know they are on the east coast as well! Thanks for such a pretty photo!

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