Poisonous Fly Agaric Mushrooms On Cape Cod.

I have seen these red Fly Agaric mushrooms on most of the trails that I have hiked in the past few weeks. It must be because of the warm, humid and  wet weather that we’ve been having. There are mushroom everywhere.

Fly Agaric mushrooms grow to about 6″ tall with a width of 6″. They are umbrella-shaped with flaky white warts. They grow from June through September (although it is now well into October) and they are deadly poisonous.

I wondered why this doesn’t have a lot of white warts, but it says that they sometimes wash off a mature mushroom after a heavy rain.

Have you ever seen a Fly Agaric mushroom?

3 thoughts on “Poisonous Fly Agaric Mushrooms On Cape Cod.”

  1. Interesting how some poisonous plants (and frogs) have developed very vivid colors. A warning for the unwary?

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