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Pinkish Bleeding Fairy Helmet Mushrooms Growing On A Tree At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


I saw these bell-shaped pinkish mushrooms while hiking on the boardwalk of the Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill. I’ve never seen mushrooms like these growing on a tree before. Have you?

As you can see my the 2nd photograph, they are really small. Does anyone know what kind of mushroom they are?

Poisonous White Destroying Angel Mushroom Here On Cape Cod


There are so many mushrooms growing here on Cape Cod this time of year. This large, white Destroying Angel mushroom is part of the Amanita family and is also very poisonous. It grows to about 6″ tall and is entirely white. Its cap is umbrella shaped with ragged edges.


I saw so many of these mushroom at Wiley Park in Eastham but most of them had been knocked over. Did they fall by themselves? Did someone knock them over? Did a dog try to eat it?

Don’t go near them as they are deadly poisonous!

Fly Amanita Mushroom At Wiley Park On Cape Cod


I’ve seen many of these Fly Amanita mushrooms growing along the trails here on Cape Cod. They can be yellow or orange and are about 6″ tall with an umbrella-shaped cap with flakey white warts. They grow in the woods and pastures.

Watch out! These Fly Amanita are deadly poisonous, so don’t go near them!