Huge Pile Of Scallop Shells In Wellfleet On Cape Cod!

Across the harbor from the Wellfleet Pier is a really cool jetty and beach that look to be open to the public. I’m not sure if you need a sticker in the summer. We decided to take a ride over and to look around.

Right next to the parking lot is a huge pile of shells… about 2-3 feet high. Without looking, I figured they had to be Oyster shells as Wellfleet is famous for its Wellfleet Oysters. But when looking closer, they are Scallop shells. Hmmm. Why would there be a huge pile of Scallop shells there? It looks to be a place where people can launch their smaller boats from the beach. But how did the Scallop shells get there? And why were they there? Is Wellfleet known for its Scallops too?

I did a little research and learned that the fishermen usually shuck the fresh scallops before selling them to the restaurants. But I couldn’t find out much more than that.

Does anyone know the answer as to why they are there? It would be really cool to find out!

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