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The Huge Tides On Cape Cod Bay.

I was taking a walk along the beach the other day when the tide started coming in. I thought it would be interesting to take 3 different photographs, each about 15 minutes apart so that you can see just how fast the tide comes in on Cape Cod Bay.

In the first photo, you can see the water started to meander in to shore. In the 2nd photo, it has gotten a lot higher.

In the last photo, the water is way up on the shore. The tide swings on Cape Cod Bay are just amazing!

My Favorite Trail To The Beach On Cape Cod Bay!

I had not been over to my favorite little trail to the beach on the bay side in a long time. The weather has been fairly cold and windy most of the winter. And then we saw a few springlike days and it was glorious! (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I took 2 photographs of the trail with the 2nd one of them a bit closer than the other. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. What do you think?

From Then Until Now On Nauset Beach On Cape Cod.

It was last year when they installed the dune fences at Nauset Beach to help curb the erosion that has has been creeping up in the past few years and that took Liam’s away in 2018. (Click on blog link for comparing photo.)

You can see the difference in the two photographs in just a year. (The 2nd photograph is last year.) The planted beach grass has definitely started to grow in and will hopefully help with the beach erosion, saving the beach and parking lot for another few years.

First Bike Ride Of The Season On Cape Cod!

I just got my biked tuned up so I was anxious to go out for a ride and yesterday was the perfect day! It was gorgeous with sunny skies, warm temps and breezy.

One of my favorites rides is to the little beach near us. It was low tide so you can see the flats in the background looking out on Cape Cod Bay. This is my first selfie of  the year… Happy Biking!