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The Lifeguards At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


There is no beach at high tide on Coast Guard Beach this summer so far,  so the lifeguards have their stand on one of the smaller dunes.

I took this photo from the walkway above. It looks pretty cool with the huge waves in the background, don’t you think?

The Handicapped Mat At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Beach Is Ready.


The handicapped mat at Coast Guard Beach is installed and ready for summer. It is made of a heavy woven material so that big-tired wheelchairs can access the beach.

However, with all of the erosion to the beach over the winter, the slope down to the beach is pretty steep.  At high tide, there is almost no beach at the end of the trail. The tide comes in very high, almost to the dunes.

Pretty Beach Fence On Cape Cod.


I love the Wild Virginia Roses growing all around the beach fences here on Cape Cod. They make it so summery and so pretty. (Click on blog link for full photo.)

I took this photograph looking north at Nauset Light Beach overlook. Just beautiful, don’t you think?