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Beautiful Fall Colors At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod.


The fall colors were still beautiful when we hiked Nickerson State Park the other day. I loved this reflection on Little Cliff Pond.  (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I couldn’t decide if I liked the close-up or the one with a little distance. What do you think?

High Tide At Morris Island In Chatham On Cape Cod.


Morris Island in Chatham is always a great place to take a walk, unless it is high tide. There are always so many birds to see and other wildlife. The trails through the woods and by the harbor also offer beautiful views.

However, if it is high tide, you can’t even make it down the beach! You can see the water all the way up to the rocks as you look out toward Monomoy Island. Have you ever hiked Morris Island?


Beautiful Great Blue Heron Looking For Breakfast On Cape Cod.


As we had a picnic breakfast at low tide on the bay side,  this beautiful Great Blue Heron was searching for breakfast near the flats.

I thought it was such a pretty photograph with all the different colors and textures. What do you think?