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Morris Island Loop Trail In Chatham On Cape Cod.

We hiked the Morris Island Loop Trail for the first time in years… since  South Beach washed away and Morris Island became exposed to the ocean. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

The hike now starts down the road where you take a “right of way” to the beginning of the trail. You can only hike the trail when it is not high tide as the beach is totally covered at high tide and you can’t get by.

While still a pretty hike, it does not have the same ambiance as walking down those high wooden stairs  looking out toward Monomoy Island and onto the beach. Mother Nature definitely does what she wants to…

The Hot Pink Sweet Pea Wildflowers Are Blooming Everywhere On Cape Cod!

The Sweet Pea wildflowers are blooming everywhere…. On the beaches, on the trails, by the roads, in the meadows… just everywhere! And they are absolutely gorgeous this summer. Wow! (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I took this photo at Fort Hill along the trail… so pretty! Have you seen them everywhere too?