Lots Of Canada Geese In Our Yard In Orleans On Cape Cod

I looked out the kitchen window yesterday and saw a huge flock of Canada Geese in our yard here in Orleans on Cape Cod. So I got my camera and clicked away.

And the I looked up in the tree by the water and saw about 15 birds perched on the branches. What were they? A quick look with my binoculars told me they were all Northern Flickers. Wow! What  treat!

And then, not 10 seconds later all the Canada Geese and Northern Flickers were all of a sudden in flight like something had frightened them.

Lo and behold…a huge Red-Tailed Hawk flew overhead and the mystery was solved! Pretty exciting for a stretch of about 5 minutes!


2 thoughts on “Lots Of Canada Geese In Our Yard In Orleans On Cape Cod”

  1. I like your photography, but please don’t call the Canadian Geese. They don’t have a nationality. They are Canada Geese!

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