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Time For Biking On Cape Cod!


Biking on Cape Cod is one of my all-time favorite things to do! I love to get up early and be on my bike by 6:00… then I have the road and all the wildlife and birds to myself! It doesn’t get much better!

So glad that the warmer weather is here, hopefully to stay! I took this photograph at Rock Harbor which is along my favorite route!

Have you gotten your bike out yet?

The Shadows Are Getting Longer On Cape Cod!


I was biking across the salt marsh a couple of days ago when I looked out and saw my shadow on my bike. It was very long on the salt marsh. I stopped and thought that it might make a cool photograph. So I got my iPhone and took one.

When I looked at it, I thought that something was wrong. I was facing the wrong way. You don’t ride a bike with your body facing sideways. So I maneuvered my camera while facing forward and this is what I got.

Fun, don’t you think?

And then I figured you’d get a good laugh when you saw my first one. Ha!

Can You See The Great Blue Heron In The Tree On Cape Cod?


I was taking one of my early morning bike rides when I must have disturbed this Great Blue Heron on top of a tree close by. He gave me a loud squawk and flew away. I stopped to see where he was going.

He landed on top of the tree in the distance. I thought it was so cool to see this huge bird sitting on top of a smallish tree and I loved the beautiful background morning sky.

What do you think?