Love The Osprey At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod.

It was such a treat to see these two Osprey building their nest high on top of the pole right above all of the hustle and bustle at Rock Harbor. The Osprey have a perfect view of all the goings on at Rock Harbor and the people have a perfect view of what’s going on in the Osprey nest!

This was one of them, waiting for the other to bring back lunch!

One thought on “Love The Osprey At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod.”

  1. Fun facts about the nests from Mental Floss:

    “Osprey nests are huge: a newly built one can measure 5 feet across and 2 feet deep, and one that’s been added to for several years can be 6.5 feet deep. Other species often use these sturdy structures for their homes. Cavity-nesting birds like tree swallows and common grackles build their nests inside them, while great blue herons, bald eagles, common ravens, and great horned owls raise chicks on them in winter, when the adult ospreys are in warmer climes.”

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