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Great Blue Heron Searching For Food At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod


I have seen so many Great Blue Herons lately in the salt marshes here on Cape Cod. This Great Blue was stalking something in the water along in the high grass, searching for his next meal.

And then he darted down toward the water and caught lunch, as you can see him with his beak wide open.


Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod


Rock Harbor in Orleans on Cape Cod is a unique little harbor which is ruled by the tides. The boats go in and out closer to high tide so they don’t get stuck in all of the Cape Cod Bay sandbars. The channel into Rock Harbor is also unique as it is marked by “trees,” or what look like trees. It really is a beautiful place to visit.

I was walking down the beach the other day when I took these two photographs. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. What do you think?

Salt Marsh In Eastham On Cape Cod At Low Tide


On my morning bike rides, I ride over several salt marshes in Eastham and Orleans. They are just spectacular, whether it is high tide or low tide.

I took this photograph on the road going to the Eastham side of Rock Harbor as you cross over the salt marsh. You can see the buildings at Rock Harbor in the distance.

And then I edited it two different ways. Which one do you like better?