The Baltimore Orioles Are Gathering The Sisal Twine To Weave Their Nests On Cape Cod.

It is so much fun to watch the Baltimore Orioles gather the pieces of sisal twine from our yard and bring it back to weave their intricate nests high in the trees. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

When we first moved here 9 years ago, Mike from The Bird Watcher’s General Store, told us that the Baltimore Orioles love to build their nests with horsehair because it is so long and fine. We had no horsehair, so we got some sisal twine and started to separate the strands. The Baltimore Orioles love it!

Every few days I cut a multitude of 5″-10″pieces of the twine, separate the strands and scatter it about the yard. Within a couple of days, it is almost gone, and it’s not just the Baltimore Orioles who gather it! Now to find out where they are building their nests…


One thought on “The Baltimore Orioles Are Gathering The Sisal Twine To Weave Their Nests On Cape Cod.”

  1. So cute – and such a skilled weaver!

    “The Baltimore Oriole’s basket-like hanging nest is one of the great wonders of the avian world. Over five to eight days, females weave together whatever strong fibers they can find—grass, weeds, animal hair, string—until the nest is completed. The nests usually hang about 30 feet off the ground and are located on the outer reaches of heavy branches, but they can sometimes be found suspended from a crook. Oriole nests are so sturdy that the birds may reuse them after returning from their winter grounds months later. ”

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