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The Trees At Fort Hill On Cape Cod Got Hammered!


The trees at Fort Hill, on the Cape Cod National Seashore, got hammered in the storm last week. Phil and I were taking a hike on Red Maple Swamp Trail on Saturday and we couldn’t believe how many downed trees we saw. It was mind-boggling to see that many trees down in such a short space. It must have been some sort of microburst.


Rare Snow Geese On My Walk On Cape Cod


I was taking a walk around my neighborhood last week, the only day when the temperatures were above 20 degrees, and saw these three Snow Geese on someone’s lawn. At first I thought they were the fake ones that blow in the breeze. But as I got closer, they were eating from the ground and preening. Hmmm… It looked like two parents and one juvenile. I didn’t have my camera (duh!) so I couldn’t take any photographs and I was too far away to use my iPhone. I didn’t go back because I thought they would be long gone.

Yesterday was the first day out of the teens for temperatures so I decided to walk back and see if those Snow Geese were still there… almost a week later. They were! What a surprise. I clicked away! And then went home to do some research.

I had never seen a Snow Goose before,  so I was quite delighted when I read that they are very rare and irregular this time of year and not seen every year. What a treat! And it looks like two parents and one juvenile.

Pretty cool, don’t you think?


Bridge Road Salt Marsh In Eastham On Cape Cod Is Flooded


While everyone else in New England got heavy snow yesterday, we got rain and lots of it, with heavy, heavy winds. With the ground frozen from the frigid temps the past couple of weeks, the water has no place to go, so the puddles on the streets were easily 12″ deep and more.

Bridge Road, near our home, was flooded. The salt marsh was washing right over the road from Cape Cod Bay inland. I have never seen it like this. Bridge Road was closed and the red cones were up so no one would try to venture across and get swept out to sea!


Provincetown On Cape Cod Has Great Holiday Decorations!


We took a walk around Provincetown and the docks the other day and the Christmas decorations were awesome! So much fun to see how a whaling and fishing town decorates for the holidays.

My favorite one is the huge Christmas tree made of lobster pots and red bows on the green by the dock. So cool, don’t you think?


Festive Eastham Windmill on Cape Cod


The Eastham Windmill on the Village Green looks so festive with its holiday lights.

Eastham Windmill was built in 1680 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. About 1770, the windmill was ferried on a log raft across Massachusetts Bay to Highlands in Truro. The windmill made its appearance in Eastham by ox-cart in 1793 and was placed near Salt Pond. Subsequently, the windmill was sold and relocated to its present site on the Village Green across from Eastham Town Hall on U.S. 6. This site has a significant history. Eastham Windmill now sits on the site of Setucket Mill, which was probably constructed by Nicholas Paine in 1705. This land once belonged to Giles Hopkins who sailed here on the Mayflower.

Fascinating, don’t you think?