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Repairing The Boardwalk On Red Maple Swamp Trail At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


The National Seashore workers have started Phase II of repairing the boardwalk on the Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill. After years of constant use and stormy winters, many of the boards need to be replaced.

You can still hike the trail from beginning to end as they are working on the offshoot of the trail. It is one of our favorite trails as it has so much to see. You hike in the woods, across a long boardwalk, along the marsh, through the fields and back up to the overlook, which doesn’t get much prettier.

Thank you, National Seashore, for all that you do to make the trails so beautiful for all of us to enjoy.

New Viewing Platform At Nauset Beach On Cape Cod


It was so nice to see a new viewing platform at Nauset Beach where Liam’s Clam Shack stood before the series of Nor’Easters crept up to its foundation this past winter. The town demolished the restaurant 2 weeks ago and has been busy bringing in tons of sand  to fill in the dunes. You can also see all of the beach grass that has been planted to help with dune erosion.

The parking lot is open. The beaches are accessible from either end and it looks like they are making lemonade out of lemons so that everyone can enjoy one of their favorite beaches, Nauset Beach, part of the National Seashore here on Cape Cod.

High Sands At Herring Cove Beach In Provincetown On Cape Cod


It’s a good thing they have “sand fences” along some of the beaches on Cape Cod. It’s like a snow fence, but acts the same way for sand.

I loved this photograph of this sand fence at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown which trapped the sand so high that people were walking over it to get to the beach. I took the photograph standing on the edge of the parking lot.

And then I edited it 2 ways and I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. What do you think?

Nauset Beach On Cape Cod After The Nor’Easter


Nauset Beach, one of the most popular beaches on Cape Cod and part of the National Seashore, has changed dramatically since the Nor’Easter last weekend. We were able to take a little walk on the beach from the trail at the end of the parking lot where the ocean went over the dune.

The first photograph is looking back at Liam’s on the left. The 2nd photograph is looking down Nauset Beach toward Chatham. It doesn’t look anything like the Nauset Beach 2 weeks ago. You can see how high the tide comes in. This is about midway between low tide and high tide.

Just totally amazing how things can change so drastically in so short a time period.

Update: We stopped at Nauset Beach yesterday afternoon and the gazebo between the parking lot and the beach has been removed.

Liam’s At Nauset Beach on Cape Cod


Liam’s at Nauset Beach was still standing yesterday when we took a ride down to Nauset Beach. They were putting up more fences around it so people would not trespass or walk on the dunes.

We drove to the end of the parking lot and took the little trail to the beach to see what it looked like. There are virtually no dunes left, and very little beach.

I walked down to the front of Liam’s and took a couple of photographs. The first one is looking up at Liam’s from the beach. The 2nd one is of the beach in front of Liam’s with all of the exposed cement structures which are in excess of 6 feet high. Someone said they were part of the septic system for the bathroom, but I have no idea. You can see the gazebo in the distance. That will have to be moved ASAP, I would think, as it is almost in the water.

We heard they would be taking Liam’s down today. We’ll take a ride later and see what is going on. 🙁

PS We just came back from Liam’s and visiting with the owner, Jon and his son, Liam. They are focusing on all of the “happy memories”from years past. I asked about the cement structures and they said they were from a 1940s septic system that is now defunct and that the town did not know they were buried there in the sand. I guess everyone was surprised to see them emerge from the deep sands!

PPS They removed the gazebo.

Coast Guard Beach On The National Seashore During The Storm Last Weekend


Coast Guard Beach was hammered last weekend during the huge storm. I took a run down to the beach to see what it looked like, but couldn’t get to the beach because the water was so high. This is as far as I got along the trail. The ocean was raging!

The 2nd photograph shows the boardwalk on Nauset Marsh that we walk on to get from Coast Guard Beach to Doane Rock underwater. That is unbelievable! I have never seen the water this high!