Red Maple Swamp Trail At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

I have posted several photographs of the boardwalk that goes over the Red Maple Swamp at Fort Hill on Cape Cod. But I have never posted one of the swamp itself.

You can see why a boardwalk is needed when the water is high. (There is still  a little ice  on the swamp.) Even in summer when the water is low, it is very muddy so a boardwalk is much needed to enjoy the hike.

Red Maple Trail is a beautiful hike down a trail in the woods and then through the swamp and, soon you will be able to continue the loop all the way around and back through the meadow!

Pretty, don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “Red Maple Swamp Trail At Fort Hill On Cape Cod”

  1. Hi, just found your blog and will check back. Can you tell me if the entire boardwalk is available to walk on? I see several references to the boardwalk being under repair but some of those sites are a couple years old. I’m wondering if the boardwalk repairs were completed. Despite vacationing in Eastham for the past 35+ years, I’ve never been on this walk and I really want to check it out.

    1. Jeff, We were just there yesterday. They should open the entire boardwalk by Memorial Day. They plan on closing parts of it next winter for some more repairs. It’s a great hike! Enjoy!

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