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Indian Rock At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

It was a beautiful, sunny day at Fort Hill and the light on Indian Rock at Skill Hill at Fort Hill was just beautiful. You can really see the carvings made by the Native Americans. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Indian Rock was a “community grinding rock, one of four such rocks found in the Nauset area. The Indians used the abrasive qualities of the fine-grained metamorphic rock to grind and polish implements made of stone and animal bones, such as stone axes or bone fishhooks.

Indian Rock was originally located in the mud of the marsh below where it now sits on Skiff Hill. The National Park Service moved the 20-ton boulder to this site in 1965.”


The Many Trails At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod.

There are so many trails to choose from at Nickerson State Park in Brewster.  You can go for a long hike or a short walk, in the woods or by one of the many kettle ponds. They are all well marked with different colors and different signs. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

This is the trail around Cliff Pond which is marked with a yellow marker on the trees. . No matter where you start it, you can follow the markers or signs and not get lost. Have you ever hiked Nickerson State Park? This is a really pretty 3 mile hike around Cliff Pond.

Huge Glacial Rocks At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod.

There are so many glacial rocks at Nickerson State Park left by the glaciers thousands of  years ago. These were a few that we saw by Cliff Pond. So pretty… and huge! (Click on blog link for other photo.)

You can see the size of them in the 2nd photo.