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Beautiful View From Indian Rock At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


It was the perfect day to take a hike along one of Fort Hill’s many trails. This trail leads up to Skiff Hill which has an overlook of Nauset Marsh with Coast Guard Beach in the distance.

It is also the site of the “Indian Rock,” which  a large boulder moved to the hill from the marsh below. “Once used by the local Nauset tribe as a sharpening stone, the rock is cut with deep grooves and smoothed in circles where ax heads were whetted.”

Such a beautiful place, don’t you think?


Old Water Tower At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod.


It’s really cool to see this really old water tower on one of trails in Nickerson State Park. There is a fence around it, so you cannot go near it. It is near the back part of Little Cliff Pond and Higgins Pond.

I looked online for some information about it, but couldn’t find any. Does anyone know anything about the water tower? It would be interesting to know its history.

Nauset Marsh From Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


The views of Nauset Marsh from Fort Hill, looking out toward Coast Guard Station are spectacular. You can see so much more now that they’ve pruned many of the the bushes along the Fort Hill Trail.

Love the blue sky and the blue waters. What do you think?

Social Distancing In Nature On Cape Cod.


While the world is learning how to practice “social distancing,” we found a perfect way in nature. Yesterday we went for an early hike at Fort Hill in the morning. It was just beautiful with the Song Sparrows and Red-Winged Blackbirds singing away. We went home and packed a picnic lunch for our first picnic of the year, followed by a nice long hike to Coast Guard Beach. It was a gorgeous day. What a treat!

It is always refreshing to listen to nature… the birds singing, the animals in the brush, the wind in the tree, the waves… You feel good, just to be outside and breathe the fresh air.

It’s a wonderful way to “social distance” yourself and enjoy your time while doing it, especially at such a difficult time in the world.