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Beautiful Day For A Snowy Hike By Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod!


The snow has been so pretty here on the Cape. And the trails through the woods even prettier. This was such a beautiful trail by the Salt Pond and Nauset Marsh. (Click on blog link for vertical photo.)

We have really been enjoying the first measurable snow that we’ve had this winter and getting out on the trails.

Doane Rock Trail On Cape Cod.


The Doane Rock Trail to Coast Guard Beach has so much diversity. You walk in the woods, along the coastline of Nauset Marsh and over 2 boardwalks. This is the first boardwalk through the tall reeds of the marsh. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

I took it in a horizontal and a vertical. Which one do you you like better?

Still Waters On Little Cliff Pond In Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod.


It’s been so windy this winter here on Cape Cod, it was a treat to see a reflection in the still waters at Little Cliff Pond in Brewster. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

And then I couldn’t decide if I liked the close-up one or the one a bit farther away. What do¬† you think?