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Purple Climbing Nightshade Wildflowers On Cape Cod.


I’ve seen a lot of Climbing Nightshade, also known as Bittersweet Nightshade, wildflowers along the trails on Cape Cod. I took this photograph at Fort Hill down by the marsh although you can see them all along the trails.

Climbing Nightshade wildflowers are a climbing vine with 1/2″ violet flowers swept back from a yellow central “beak” in loose clusters. It forms egg-shaped  shiny green berries which turn to bright red in late summer.

Important to note: The berries are poisonous!

Gorgeous Pink Dianthus Deptford Wildflowers At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


The pink Dianthus Deptford wildflowers that are blooming at Fort Hill now are just spectacular! They are tiny little flowers, only about 1/2″.  They have up to 5 stamens and 2 pistils which are  twisted.

It is such a unique, delicate wildflower. I love the dots and the purple stamens.

Have you ever seen a Dianthus Deptford wildflower? They are blooming all over Fort Hill, so they are easy to see. The pink will catch your eye along the trails.


Delicate White Canada Mayflowers Are Blooming On Cape Cod.


The Canada Mayflowers are blooming all over Cape Cod. They are a small woodland plant with tiny 4-petaled flowers clustered on stems like miniature bottle brushes. They only grow to about 4.”

I saw this Canada Mayflower at Fort Hill. There were many around, especially along the boardwalk on the Red Maple Swamp Trail.

So pretty and delicate, don’t you think?

Adorable White-Tailed Deer And Her Little Fawn On Cape Cod!


Phil and I were taking a new hike for us on the John Wing Trail in Brewster, which is on the grounds of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History,  when we saw this mamma deer and her new little fawn. It sure didn’t look very old.

I’m not sure who surprised who more as they were right on the trail. We stood there and clicked away while they checked us out as well.

So cute, don’t you think?


Wild Iris At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod.


Each year about this time, the Wild Irises bloom at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. They are easy to spot off the trail as they are so colorful and grow fairly tall.

Pretty, don’t you think?