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Pay It Forward Here On Cape Cod.


Phil and I were taking a morning hike the other day when we came across this little painted rock. It was so adorable. We both stopped and looked at it thinking that someone took the time to paint this rock and leave it along the trail where many people will see it during the day.  (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

This little rock with its message of hope sure did bring a smile to our faces, as I’m sure it did to many others too. Thank you whoever left this along the trail. What a bright little surprise!

High Tide At The Salt Pond In Eastham On Cape Cod.


A few years ago, the National Park Service installed a moveable bridge by the salt pond near the Visitors Center in Eastham. It goes up and down with the tide and you can usually get across, unless the tide is extremely high.

You can see how high the tide was the amount of grass that washed up by the bridge. That is where the trail usually is. It is best to hike this trail closer to low tide or mid-tide. If the tide gets really high, the trail gets very muddy and washed out in some places.

It is one of our favorite hikes as it is so diverse… along the edge of the salt pond, across another bridge over the salt marsh, up to an overlook  where you can see Nauset Marsh out to Coast Guard Beach,  through the woods and then back on another bridge over a little pond in the woods. Each part is so pretty.

Have you ever hiked this trail?

Giant Cattails At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


I love listening to the wind blow through the giant cattails at Fort Hill. What a wonderful sound. They are still so tall.

There is one little path that leads from the trail down to Nauset Marsh. The cattails tower way above my head… they must be 8 feet tall!

So pretty, don’t you think?