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Purple Climbing Nightshade Wildflowers On Cape Cod.


I’ve seen a lot of Climbing Nightshade, also known as Bittersweet Nightshade, wildflowers along the trails on Cape Cod. I took this photograph at Fort Hill down by the marsh although you can see them all along the trails.

Climbing Nightshade wildflowers are a climbing vine with 1/2″ violet flowers swept back from a yellow central “beak” in loose clusters. It forms egg-shaped ¬†shiny green berries which turn to bright red in late summer.

Important to note: The berries are poisonous!

Blue Dasher Dragonflies Mating On The Boardwalk On Cape Cod.


I saw this blue dragonfly, which I thought was a Northern Bluet dragonfly, on a branch by the boardwalk at Fort Hill. It looked so pretty, I clicked away.

When I got home I noticed there as another dragonfly attached to it on the underside. Hmmm… Does anyone know why? Are they mating? I did some research but couldn’t find any answers.

Update: It is Blue Dasher Dragonfly and yes, they are mating. Thank You!!

Milkweed Plants Are Plentiful On Cape Cod.


The Milkweed plants, which the Monarchs love to feed on and lay their eggs on, are plentiful here on Cape Cod. Fort Hill is especially prolific this summer. (Click on blog link to see other photos.)

The first photograph is of the Milkweed flower. The 2nd one is of the fields of Milkweed plants at Fort Hill that attract the Monarchs.

The last photograph is of the Milkweed pod, when they have gone by in the fall. The pod will open up and disperse thousands of seeds in the wind and land where a new Milkweed plant will grow next summer.

The Monarch Butterflies Are Back On Cape Cod This Summer!


The Monarch butterflies are back on Cape Cod and they are gorgeous! It is so beautiful to see their bright orange color  flitting from flower to flower in the meadows or yards. I have seen so many at Fort Hill feeding on the Milkweed and in our yard feeding on the Butterfly Plants.

I took this photograph as the Monarch was feeding on the Milkweed plant at Fort Hill. So pretty, don’t you think?


Beautiful Pink Everlasting Peas Are Blooming All Over Cape Cod.


The hot pink Everlasting Peas are blooming all over Cape Cod. They are especially abundant at Fort Hill where they paint the meadows pink. They are so pretty. (Click on blog link for another photo.)

They bloom from July to September, so you still have plenty of time to see these gorgeous wildflowers!

Beautiful Coral Hairstreak Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


I had never seen a Coral Hairstreak before, so when I took this photograph, I had to do a little research. They are a small butterfly, only 1-1 1/4″ and overall brown with bright coral markings.

Have you ever seen a Coral Hairstreak? Beautiful butterfly, don’t you think? Love how it landed on the orange Butterfly Weed Plant… so pretty. It seems like everytime I go to Fort Hill I see another new butterfly. Such a magical place.