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Fort Hill Tree Art On Cape Cod


With all of the windy storms that we’ve had in the past few months, there are a lot of trees and branches strewn about at Fort Hill and everywhere. Someone decided to make some of the trees and branches and and vines into “tree art.” How clever!

It looks pretty cool, don’t you think? And then we started wondering… I hope the vines that they used to tie them together are not Poison Ivy vines!

Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod Is Spectacular!


The weather for Easter is for a sunny day with warmer temps which is a wonderful welcome here on Cape Cod. I loved this photograph of Nauset Marsh where you can Coast Guard Station in the background. The colors of the water and the sky were magnificent!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and may you find a few minutes to enjoy a little bit of nature….maybe and outside Easter Egg hunt??  🙂


Perfect Trail Guide At Fort Hill, Part Of The National Seashore, On Cape Cod


This was such a cute photograph of this seagull perched on top of the Trail Guide box at Fort Hill Trail Guide box, looking like he’s waiting for a client to come by so he can guide the hike. The colors in the sky were just spectacular!

So cute, don’t you think?

Glacial Rock At Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod


It was a treat to see this glacial rock again at Fort Hill that is usually hidden by the tall cattails and long grasses on the salt marsh. The assortment of winter storms in the past couple of weeks has washed away much of the sea grass from the salt marshes and leveled the cattails.

I remember years ago we used to walk out to this rock and have a picnic on top. I’m sure we’ll walk out there again, but not sure we’ll have the picnic on top. It is about 8′ high. The bench at the overview looks much more appealing! 🙂