Little Downy Woodpecker Still Roosting In Our Bird House On Cape Cod!

Every morning about 7:30 I look out at the bird house outside of our bedroom window and see if my little friend, Downy, is awake yet. Sometimes I can see a little movement inside… he must be straightening up. 🙂 Usually within minutes, he sticks his little head out and looks around for a while. He is so cute! (I posted a blog about him in October when he first moved in and he is still living here. How cool is that!)

It is such a treat to have this little guy greet me each day. He stays for  a bit and looks around and then heads to the suet. Not a bad life… free room and board and free baths and water. Maybe he’ll stay a while longer. Sure hope so!


4 thoughts on “Little Downy Woodpecker Still Roosting In Our Bird House On Cape Cod!”

  1. I love the thought of him tidying up inside his house before he goes out in the morning.

    Hmm…a children’s nature book? or article?

  2. A Day with Downy
    Days with Downy
    Downy Days
    Sweet photos, true-to-life narrative with some downy woodpecker facts. Could be a fun project !

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