Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat CG-36500 On Cape Cod.


“Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat CG-36500 is a historic, 36-foot lifeboat that is berthed at Rock Harbor in Orleans, Massachusetts. Built in 1946, it is notable for its involvement in the SS Pendleton rescue, one of the most daring such events recorded in the history of the United States Coast Guard. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005, and now serves as a museum boat.”

You can see this historic boat, featured in the Disney film “The Finest Hours,  at Rock Harbor in the summer months or at Meetinghouse Pond  in the winter months. I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t read the book, The Finest Hours, or seen the movie with the same name produced in 2016, put it on your list. It was a incredible, historic rescue of 32 of 33 crewmen in the dead of winter when the SS Pendleton broke apart off of Chatham, MA.

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  1. It’s so amazing how they packed all those men into that little boat and then survived really impossible conditions.!

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