Ballston Beach Break-Through In Truro On Cape Cod.

“On March 9 of 2013 Atlantic Hurricane cut a 100-foot wide opening in the narrow barrier dune at Ballston Beach in Truro, on Cape Cod. Tons of seawater surged into the freshwater marshes of the upper Pamet River eventually reaching Route 6, and briefly turning the end of Cape Cod into an island.”

Just last year the dunes on Ballston Beach eroded so much from the 2 Nor’easters that we had in the winter that one of the homes on Ballston Beach had to be taken down. It was a sad day.

I took this photograph from the lookout on the Pamet Trail where you can see where the dunes were washed away during the storm in 2013. It is just incredible what Mother Nature can do.


2 thoughts on “Ballston Beach Break-Through In Truro On Cape Cod.”

  1. That remaining home looks precarious!
    I wondered what it looked like before, so I went to Google images. There’s an antique post card that shows there was a bunch of cottages on the beach at one time.
    BIG changes!

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