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Gorgeous Sunrise Over Boat Meadow Salt Marsh On Cape Cod

The days are getting a little shorter, so it is a little darker when I go on my morning bike ride. I have to leave at 6:15, instead of 6:00. As I rode over the salt marsh, the sunrise to the east was just gorgeous!

It’s been so hot, it even looks a bit hazy.

What do you think?

The Blue Boxes Are Back On The Salt Marshes On Cape Cod

The “Blue Boxes” have been put on the salt marshes her on Cape Cod to attract those nasty Green Flies and mosquitoes. There’s something inside of the boxes that attracts the insects and then they get stuck inside.

It Is quite amazing how they work. We live very close to the salt marsh  and the beach on Cape Cod Bay and rarely see a Green Fly or a mosquito.

You can see how they put them along the sides of the marsh near the edge where people live.

Cedar Bank Links Golf Course On The Salt Pond Trail On Cape Cod

Years ago, there was a golf course where the Salt Pond Trail in Eastham is now located. There is a marker by the marsh identifying the roller for the golf course in the high grass. You can see it in photograph the on the right of the trail in the distance.

“Eastham’s Cedar Bank Links, a private course, was constructed in the mid 1920’s and existed until just after World War II. The course dominated the landscape that today is occupied by the Cape Cod National Seashore’s visitor’s center and the land surrounding Salt Pond. In fact, the parking lot of the visitor’s center sits where the ninth hole use to be. The 17th green was near where the boathouses stand today.”

Very cool, don’t you think?