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Never A Dull Moment On Cape Cod… Even On A Rainy Day!

Yesterday was a rainy morning when we went for a “car picnic” at Boat Meadow Beach. It was raining pretty hard, but still so pretty. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

All of a sudden a car drove up and a lady pulled two cages out of the back of her car. It looked like Wild Care was going to release a bird on the beach. I didn’t get to speak with her as the raindrops were coming down pretty fast.

We watched as she carried the cages to the beach and released one seagull and then another. We watched them saunter around the beach and then both fly off. Wow!

Wild Care Cape Cod is amazing. The work they do to rehabilitate birds and animals is incredible and so wonderful to see their releases back into the wild.

Kudos to Wild Cape Cape Cod! We are all so fortunate to have you so close by!


Old Foundation At Boat Meadow Beach On Cape Cod?

The beaches on the bay side have changed so much this past winter. Boat Meadow Beach has had several truckloads of sand dumped at the end of the parking lot because the water keeps eating away at the shore. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I noticed what looks like an old foundation that had been uncovered on the beach the other day. And nearby looked like a part of an old chimney or maybe part of a foundation made with rocks.

Does anyone have any idea what these may have been? Its amazing how your imagination can take over and lead you to wonder if there used to be a house right there and who lived in it and were there other houses nearby?

Two Beautiful Black And White Brants At Boat Meadow Beach On Cape Cod.

We always see the Brants in the winter time out on the “islands” past Boat Meadow Beach, but rarely near the shore by the beach. So when these two Brants swam in and had lunch right in front of us, we were thrilled. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

They were far enough away that  I could get out of the car and get a few photographs without scaring them away. We watched them for a while while they had their lunch which consists mostly of eel grass found in the tidal flats.

On the distant shores of one of the peninsulas were about 100 other Brants scavenging about on the edge of the shore. They are such a beautiful bird with that broken collar pattern on their necks.

What a treat! Have you ever seen a Brant?

Springlike Day At Boat Meadow Beach On Cape Cod.

The weather the past few days here on Cape Cod has been spectacular! Yesterday it was in the low 50s and sunny. Its hard to believe that last week there was still ice on the bay and snow on the streets. Unbelievable!

I took this photograph at Boat Meadow at lunchtime when the tide was going out. Look at those clouds on the horizon… just beautiful!

Winter On Cape Cod Bay.

Yesterday was gorgeous on the beaches on Cape Cod Bay, but treacherous to walk on. The tide was high and moving fast and there were huge ice chunks everywhere.  (Click on blog link for other photo.)

In the first photograph , those 2 bigger “icebergs” on the shore in the distance were about 6+ feet tall. They were huge! In the 2nd photo, the chunks of ice on the grass island were well over 4+ feet tall. Wow!