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First Bike Ride Of The Season On Cape Cod!

I just got my biked tuned up so I was anxious to go out for a ride and yesterday was the perfect day! It was gorgeous with sunny skies, warm temps and breezy.

One of my favorites rides is to the little beach near us. It was low tide so you can see the flats in the background looking out on Cape Cod Bay. This is my first selfie of  the year… Happy Biking!

March Came In Like A Lion And Is Still A Lion On Cape Cod!

What a crazy March we’ve had here on Cape Cod! We’ve had the coldest and snowiest days of the winter. I took this photograph at Boat Meadow Beach yesterday morning. Look at all of that snow on the beach and ice in the water.

It’s hard to believe that spring starts on Saturday. Our March here on Cape Cod has definitely come in like a lion and is still a lion… we’re are very ready for that lamb! Maybe by month’s end…?

It Was Freezing On Cape Cod This Past Weekend!

Saturday and Sunday were days where you didn’t want to venture outside with temps in the high teens and low 20s  and wind chills in the singe digits. Brrr! (Click on blog link for other photos.)

You can see the ice chunks on Cape Cod Bay and along the shores. Rock Harbor also has a lot of ice, but it is still moving so the fishing boats are likely not stuck there as temperatures will go up this week. The last photo is of Boat Meadow Creek that is also full of ice.

It’s the fist time this winter that I’ve seen ice along the shore of Cape Cod Bay and up into the creek. I wonder where all the birds go that frequent these waters for food?