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Lots Of Greater Yellowlegs Scurrying Along The Flats At Boat Meadow Beach On Cape Cod.

There have been quite a few Greater Yellowlegs hanging out at Boat Meadow Beach, scurrying about on the flats looking for food. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

“During winter and migration, small fish, crustaceans, snails, and other aquatic animals round out their diet.”

Did you know that the Greater Yellowlegs, which is named for their long, bright  yellow legs,  bobs the front half of its body up and down?

Cute Little Egret At Boat Meadow Parking Lot On Cape Cod.

Yesterday we were having our picnic lunch at Boat Meadow when I looked at my side window and there was a little Egret that had  just landed between the cars. He was just adorable.

I quickly got my camera but only got one click. This is it!

I’ve never had an Egret so close to me. He was no farther than 4 feet away. He looked up at me for a few seconds and probably realized where he was  and  flew away.

What a fun experience!

Yesterday Was A Gorgeous Day To Be Out On The Water On Cape Cod!

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous, “Indian summer” days that you just want to be outside all day!

These two kayakers and paddle-boarder were enjoying the beautiful weather and calm waters on Cape Cod Bay and the salt marsh. What a perfect day to do just about anything outside!