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Lunch Time At Boat Meadow On Cape Cod.

This is the first White Egret that I’ve seen this spring. What a treat! (Click on blog link for other photos.)

When the tide comes in at Boat Meadow, it makes lots of little ponds where the shore birds love to go to fish. This White Egret was diving in looking for lunch at one of the ponds. It was a warm day so seeing this guy really felt like spring is on the way!

Have you seen any Egrets yet?

Gorgeous Reflection At Boat Meadow Beach On Cape Cod.

Yesterday afternoon was so warm and pretty, I decided to take a walk on Boat Meadow Beach. I knew the next couple of days would not be as nice as rain is in the forecast.

My walk on the beach was somewhat uneventful until I turned around and saw the sun reflecting on the edges of the water. It looked like snow but there was no snow on the beach. It was just spectacular!

Gorgeous, don’t you think?