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Common Eider At Boat Meadow Creek On Cape cod.


I kept driving over the bridge on Bridge Road  and seeing this black and white bird in the water. It would swim along with its head under water and occasionally dive under. (Click on blog link to see other photos.) I wasn’t sure what it was until I stopped the car and realized it was a Common Eider. It’s the first Common Eider that I’ve seen this winter. What a treat!

So many people think that there is nothing to see in the winter on the Cape, but that’s when all of the winter birds come back. It is so much fun looking for them and seeing which ones do come back. Maybe we’ll see a few new ones this year.

Have you ever seen a Common Eider? Maybe this one will hang around a bit by the bridge on Bridge Road. He really is beautiful! I loved the photograph with his bill open. Funny, don’t you think?