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Secret Bench On The Salt Marsh On Cape Cod.


I discovered this secret bench that overlooks the salt marsh a while back. It’s such a nice place just to go and sit and relax (when there isn’t any snow!) and the views are extraordinary. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

It’s very hard to take a photograph of the bench from behind because there are so many scraggly bushes about. But, with the snow, it was much easier to get there as it covered the bushes.

So, I took the first photograph when the tide was low. I thought it was really pretty. I went back the next day to get one at high tide, thinking it was cloudy with no blue sky and it wouldn’t be as nice. But, I almost like it better. What do you think?



Greater Yellowlegs At Boat Meadow Beach On Cape Cod.


I had taken a walk to Boat Meadow Beach to see if there was anything “exciting” to photograph. And there, in one of the little tidal ponds in the salt marsh, were 5 of these birds. I wasn’t sure what they were as they looked more like summer shorebirds than birds I would see in the winter. (Click on blog link to see other photograph.)

I was so surprised when I got home and put my photographs up on the computer and realized that yes, they were Greater Yellowlegs. It wasn’t until one of them walked up by the grass that you could see his bright yellow legs. Wow!

According to my Checklist of Cape Cod Birds, Great Yellowlegs are rare but regular this time of the year and usually hard to find. How cool is that!


So Many Kite Surfers On Cape Cod Bay.


I looked out across the salt marsh and saw about 20-25 kite-surfers in the distance. They were kite-surfing off of First Encounter Beach, a favorite place to start from. It looks like they are mostly on the salt marsh.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this many at one time. Pretty cool, huh?