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Solitude On Nauset Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod.


Sunday was absolutely gorgeous here on Cape Cod… sunny with the temps in the high 40s with a little wind. Perfect day for a ¬†walk on Nauset Beach.

There were a lot of people on the beach near the parking lot, but once you got a little ways away, you had the beach to yourself.

Gorgeous, don’t you think?



Interesting Buoy On Nauset Beach On Cape Cod.


We saw this very interesting buoy on Nauset Beach the other day. It looked like someone had stood it up in the sand. As we got closer, you could see all of the mussels attached to the buoy. (Click on link to see the whole buoy.)

We wondered how long the buoy has been in the water with all those mussels. Wow! Pretty interesting, don’t you think?


Nauset Beach On Cape Cod Between The Winter Storms.


Sunday was another glorious day, between the 2 winter storms, to get out of the house and take a long walk. We learned that the beach is the perfect place to walk in the winter. (Click on the link to see the amazing clouds.) If you bundle up, it doesn’t get much better. There is minimal snow and no ice on the beach.

Sunday was gorgeous… sunny, 40 degrees with little wind. Look at those clouds and the blue, blue water. The sound of the waves was so medicinal… perfect day for a walk on Nauset Beach!

New Sand At Nauset Beach On Cape Cod.


When we took a ride to Nauset Beach last week, we were surprised to see how much work was being done to the parking lot and the sand dunes. They have brought in huge amounts of sand to build up the dunes. (There are additional photographs at the end of the blog.)

They have also taken some of the parking lot away to make room for the extra sand as the ocean keeps moving inward.

The first photograph is of the restrooms. You can see there is only a small strip of sand dune between the building and the beach. The ocean looks mighty close. In the next 2 photographs you can see where the parking lot has been dug out and sand piled on. It is an amazing work in progress.

We’ll ¬†keep you posted as they work on ever popular Nauset Beach before the summer. Amazing, don’t you think?

Nauset Beach On Cape Cod Is Changing With Lots Of New Sand!


Nauset Beach, a very popular beach in Orleans and part of the National Seashore, got hit by two huge Nor’easters last winter and lost Liam’s, its famous Clam Shack as well as a huge amount of dune sand.

They have brought in an unbelievable amount of sand this past month to build up the dunes. You can see the new sand, as it’s a much lighter color than the original sand. With the new sand, the dunes are now 15-20 feet high. You can also see where they have put in some fences and planted some beach grass, hoping to contain the dunes. We’ve been lucky so far this winter. I’m sure everyone has their fingers crossed.

Gorgeous beach, don’t you think? Have you ever been to Nauset Beach?