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Much Erosion At Nauset Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod


Nauset beach, part of the National Seashore, was closed after the storm a couple of days ago. The National Seashore workers were putting up the ropes when we got there on Friday. The waves and erosion took away a good chunk of the dunes, so there is a drop-off of about 5-6 feet which makes the viewing platform very unsteady and getting to the beach difficult.

I went to the other path to the beach and that was closed too. The drop-off looks even more pronounced there. You can’t get to the end to see how big it is.

It is truly amazing what Mother Nature is capable of doing, especially in a huge storm along the beach.

Fort Hill Is A Perfect Place To Hike On Cape Cod… Anytime!


Fort Hill is one of my favorite places to hike on Cape Cod. There is always so much to see and each time you go, everything is always different. This is one of the trails that loop around the meadow with Nauset Marsh in the background and Nauset Beach in the far distance.

Pretty spectacular,, don’t you think?

Hundreds Of Seals At Nauset Spit On Cape Cod


While walking out to Nauset Spit on Coast Guard Beach, Phil and I thought there were many new rocks on the Nauset Beach side. It looked like piles of rocks. I didn’t think that could be, so I went to investigate.

As I got closer I could hear the seals. They were really loud and there were hundreds  of them basking in the sun. I had never seen so many there before. No wonder the Great White Sharks love this particular area. There sure is plenty of food!