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New Sand At Nauset Beach Dunes On Cape Cod


There was a tremendous amount of sand brought in to Nauset Beach in the past few weeks. This is a photograph of the new fence that they put up around the bathrooms, making a higher dunes to the beach. You can also see the new dune grass that they planted to help stop erosion on the dunes.


Nauset Beach At Low Tide On Cape Cod


I was so surprised to see how huge Nauset Beach was at low tide. It was immense, as you can see! There are a lot of sandbars so you really need to watch where you are walking for when the tide comes in, it doesn’t come straight in and you could get stranded on one of the many sandbars.

I will have to go back on a nice day at high tide and see how high the water gets on the beach. Stay tuned…

New Viewing Platform At Nauset Beach On Cape Cod


It was so nice to see a new viewing platform at Nauset Beach where Liam’s Clam Shack stood before the series of Nor’Easters crept up to its foundation this past winter. The town demolished the restaurant 2 weeks ago and has been busy bringing in tons of sand  to fill in the dunes. You can also see all of the beach grass that has been planted to help with dune erosion.

The parking lot is open. The beaches are accessible from either end and it looks like they are making lemonade out of lemons so that everyone can enjoy one of their favorite beaches, Nauset Beach, part of the National Seashore here on Cape Cod.

Nauset Beach On Cape Cod Looking North


I was so surprised when I walked up the little trail near the entrance shack to go to Nauset Beach. In the past few months when you got to the end of the trail where there was a little boardwalk, there was a huge drop-off  of 6-8 feet where the water had eroded the beach. I expected the same the other day.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that a lot of the sand had come back on the beach and the drop off was only a couple of feet, easily accessible.  You can see that the beach was gorgeous as you look north toward Nauset Beach and Coast Guard Beach. It was about 2 hours after low tide.

There is still a lot of time until summer. It will be very interesting to see what Mother Nature will do in the next few months…


Where Liam’s Stood At Nauset Beach On Cape Cod


Liam’s at Nauset Beach was taken down last week because of the incredible beach erosion from the 3 Nor’easters we had this past winter. The water at high tide was up to its foundation.

Someone asked me to post a photograph of what it looks like now. There is now a huge pile of sand where Liam’s stood. I took this photograph from a little trail across the parking lot because 2/3s of the parking lot is still closed. They were continuously bringing in huge trucks full  of sand. You can see the bathrooms to the left. They seem to still be intact.

I did not get to walk on the beach but I will try to do that in the next few days and get a photograph from the water’s edge.  It looks so different…