The Blue Boxes Are Back On The Salt Marshes On Cape Cod

The “Blue Boxes” have been put on the salt marshes her on Cape Cod to attract those nasty Green Flies and mosquitoes. There’s something inside of the boxes that attracts the insects and then they get stuck inside.

It Is quite amazing how they work. We live very close to the salt marsh  and the beach on Cape Cod Bay and rarely see a Green Fly or a mosquito.

You can see how they put them along the sides of the marsh near the edge where people live.

5 thoughts on “The Blue Boxes Are Back On The Salt Marshes On Cape Cod”

  1. Thank you for solving a mystery for me. I never knew what they were for; they certainly didn’t look like bird houses! 🙂

  2. We thought they were birdhouses. But now we know what they are for. Thank you very much!
    Hopefully they work well. For how long do they work. On a seasonal basis ?

    1. Yes, they take them out at the end of the season and will put them back in next spring for the summer.

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