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New Shark Signs At All Of The Beaches On Cape Cod.


There are new Shark Signs at all of the beaches on Cape Cod, both ocean beaches and bayside beaches. With all of the shark sightings in the past few years and the tragedy last summer, hopefully the signs will help if anyone gets in trouble,  and make people aware of the possibility of sharks in the waters off of Cape Cod.



American Painted Lady Butterfly On Cape Cod!


Phil and I were sitting on a bench by Rock Harbor, enjoying the spectacular day and the gorgeous views. Right in front of us, an American Painted Lady butterfly landed on a yellow flower. I clicked away thinking it was a Painted Lady butterfly. (Click on Blog link to see other photo.)

It wasn’t until I got home and looked at it on my computer that I realized it was an American Painted Lady. You can tell the difference by the 2 blue spots on each of its hind wings. You can see them inthe fist photograph. Very pretty.

The 2nd photograph shows you the distinct difference in its upper side and underside. Quite a bit of camouflage when its wings are closed!

Have you ever seen an American Painted Lady butterfly?