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So Many Benches To View The Gorgeous Views On Cape Cod!


Bayview Trail at the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary has several benches that beckon you as you hike by. The views are spectacular which ever way you look. A perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy nature on the trail.

I especially liked this bench on the trail which looks out over the salt marsh to Wellfleet Bay. So pretty, don’t you think?

Almost Time For A Picnic On Cape Cod!


The weather is hopefully getting warmer and we’ll be able to start packing a picnic and enjoy the gorgeous Cape Cod views! This is one of our favorite places for a picnic… or to read a book… or just to sit and relax and enjoy the spectacular, ever changing views! (Click for another photo!)

The first photograph is of the benches facing the water while the second photograph is looking from the beach back to the benches.

It doesn’t get much better!

Black And White Buffleheads At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod.


I love to see the Buffleheads swimming about in the winter here on Cape Cod. They are so distinct with their black and white coloring. I’ve seen many of them at Boat Meadow Creek and at Rock Harbor. They are pretty skittish if they see you or hear you, so it is easier to take a photograph at Rock Harbor where they are further away and there’s some noise about.

This male was flapping his wings as the 2 females swam nearby. There is such a difference between the males and females.

Have you ever seen a Bufflehead? Cool-looking, don’t you think?