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Gorgeous Skies Over Rock Harbor On Cape Cod Bay


One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk to the beach at low tide, especially to a beach on Cape Cod Bay. It is always so gorgeous and you can walk out on the flats for miles.

It was low tide about 3:00 pm the other day and a perfect day for a walk. When I got to Boat Meadow Beach the clouds were just beautiful. And then I could see the huge rock by Rock Harbor with the sun shining through the clouds above it.

Pretty spectacular, don’t you think? I love how the sun and clouds are reflected in the tidal pool with the rippled sand from the flats in the foreground.

Rock Harbor At Low Tide On Cape Cod


Rock Harbor in Orleans is always spectacular whether it is high tide or low tide. I loved this photograph of low tide where you can see the flats go out for miles and the beautiful clouds in the sky. You can see the channel and the channel markers that look like trees in the water.

I took the first photograph about 3-4 weeks ago. I took the second photograph just a few days ago. It was low tide and you can still walk way out. But you don’t see the channel markers. I wonder if they got destroyed with all of the ice that we had. It’s also hard to see where the channel is… I bet it will have to be dredged out again this spring and new channel markers put in.

Still Lots Of Ice On Cape Cod Bay


After the rains last weekend, I could finally take a walk to Boat Meadow Beach on Cape Cod Bay and walk a little bit, between the ice chunks, on the beach.

As I looked out on the water, I saw these Seagulls all on top of the ice on Cape Cod Bay. They must have been looking for a place to rest so they picked this big iceberg! It just struck me as  a photo that should have  polar bears, not seagulls!