Full House At Our Bluebird Feeders On Cape Cod.


It was so cold last week that the Bluebirds, and all of the other birds in our yard, couldn’t get enough to eat. I was filling our Bluebird mealworm feeders 3 times a day.

I loved this photograph with the 4 Bluebirds chowing down while 3 others sat on top patiently waiting their turn.

Adorable, don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “Full House At Our Bluebird Feeders On Cape Cod.”

  1. Looks like the Tulin Resort and Spa with Bountiful Buffet will have to build an addition to its facilities!

    These little guys are so very beautiful!

    1. Yes, that is the Bluebird mealworm feeder that we use… off-season and in the winter. Some other birds occasionally feed from it too. We do not use it in the summer because every Blue Jay, Starling and Grackle will eat everything in sight. My husband custom built a special mealworm feeder that works wonderfully for Bluebirds in the summer. The other can’t fit in. We use the custom one year round, so we actually have two mealworm feeders all winter. I’ll write a post about the custom feeder in the near future. Enjoy those beauties! Mel
      PS Amazon has the best price for a 5 lb bag of dried mealworms.

      1. yes, please post a pic of your custom feeder, as I’d like to avoid, as much as possible, other birds/critters intruding. Thanks!
        Also, is there a preference of dried vs. live mealworms for bluebirds?

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