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Beautiful Great Egret At Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

There were four beautiful Great Egrets on the edge of Nauset Marsh looking for food. It was interesting  watching them as they stalked their prey and then made a dash for the fish.

Such a gorgeous bird, don’t you think? They look so regal as they stand in wait for their next meal to come along.

Indian Rock At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

It was a beautiful, sunny day at Fort Hill and the light on Indian Rock at Skill Hill at Fort Hill was just beautiful. You can really see the carvings made by the Native Americans. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Indian Rock was a “community grinding rock, one of four such rocks found in the Nauset area. The Indians used the abrasive qualities of the fine-grained metamorphic rock to grind and polish implements made of stone and animal bones, such as stone axes or bone fishhooks.

Indian Rock was originally located in the mud of the marsh below where it now sits on Skiff Hill. The National Park Service moved the 20-ton boulder to this site in 1965.”


Courting Piping Plovers On Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod: Part II.

While it was such a treat to see that the Piping Plovers were back for the summer, it was even more of a treat to see them courting on the sand. “The male approaches the female, stands upright with neck stretched, and rapidly stamps his feet with an odd “high-stepping gait.” (Click on blog link for more photos.)

It was so cool to watch the two of them. And then the female settled down in the sand where I presume their nest would be. Maybe we’ll go back today and see what’s going on. We’d never seen that ritual before. Have you?

In the last photograph, you can hardly see where she is nesting in the sand.