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Coast Guard Beach In North Truro On Cape Cod!

I never knew there was a Coast Guard Beach in North Truro until I posted a blog about Coast Guard Beach a few days ago and I got a response from someone who lives in North Truro asking if this was the North Truro Coast Guard Beach. Hmmm…..

I quickly got on google and found that there was indeed a Coast Guard Beach in North Truro. Wow! I never would have known.

I was on my way up to Provincetown so, on the way home, I stopped and took a few photographs of this Coast Guard Beach. So pretty, don’t you think?

Thank you for the enlightening! And… your email made my day!


Vibrant Orange Trumpet Creepers At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The bright orange Trumpet Creepers at Fort Hill are just spectacular this year!  (Click on blog link for other photos.)

You can see in the 2nd photo how they got their name… they are shaped just like a trumpet!

They grow to be 12′ tall and bloom till September, so you still have plenty of time to see them by the side of the road going up to the overlook.

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

I was so lucky to see this gorgeous Monarch butterfly flitting about the Milkweed flowers at Fort Hill the other day. I hadn’t seen one in so long. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Its colors were just magnificent! Have you seen many Monarch butterflies lately?