Love The Buffleheads At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod!

I love watching the black and white Buffleheads as they swim about and dive for food at Rock Harbor during the winter months. They get pretty spooked when you get near them and tend to fly away. (Click on blog link to see other photos.) But if you stand up on the dock at Rock Harbor, you are far enough away so they don’t ¬†even notice you.

Buffleheads are small diving ducks, mostly white with a glossy black head and back. Its head has a large white patch behind its eye. The female has a dark brown head with an white oval patch on its ear.

Buffleheads are fascinating to watch as they continuously dive for food. You can see them getting ready to dive in the 2nd photo. Just as you think you can get a decent photo of them, they are under water again!


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