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Lunch Time At Boat Meadow On Cape Cod.

This is the first White Egret that I’ve seen this spring. What a treat! (Click on blog link for other photos.)

When the tide comes in at Boat Meadow, it makes lots of little ponds where the shore birds love to go to fish. This White Egret was diving in looking for lunch at one of the ponds. It was a warm day so seeing this guy really felt like spring is on the way!

Have you seen any Egrets yet?

Beautiful Eastern Bluebird At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

My mantra is always, “Don’t ever leave home without your camera!”

I was so glad that I had my camera on my shoulder at Fort Hill the other day. I looked out into the field and saw a flash of blue. I quickly got my camera out and clicked. I only got one photograph and this is it.


Beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpecker At Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod.

This little Red-bellied Woodpecker was taking a drink at our backyard bird bath during a recent cold spell. Its black-and-white striped back and flashing red cap and nape make it easy to identify.

Many times they will call out before coming into the yard… almost like “Watch out! Here I come!” What a beauty! Have you seen any Red-Bellied woodpeckers this winter?