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The Marconi Beach Stairs In Wellfleet On Cape Cod Made It Through The Winter!

The stairs at Marconi Beach in Wellfleet on Cape Cod made it through the winter intact! It’s always a question at the beginning of winter… will the stairs at the Cape Cod beaches make it through the winter? As you can see, these are pretty substantial steps!

And a beautiful view in the distance. Have you ever been to Marconi Beach to swim or take a walk?

Marconi Beach In Wellfleet Is Just Gorgeous!

If you hike the White Cedar Swamp Trail in Wellfleet and then take the ramp up to the overlook where the old Marconi Wireless Station used to be, this is what you will see. Pretty spectacular, don’t you think? (Click on blog link for other photograph.)

I took the two photographs with my new iPhone 12 Pro and used the two settings. I couldn’t decide which one  I liked better. What do you think?

Marconi Beach In Wellfleet On Cape Cod Was Cold And Austere Last Weekend!

We’re waiting for the spring-like weather to come to Cape Cod.

I took this photograph at Marconi Beach in Wellfleet last Sunday when the temperatures were about 30 degrees with 60 mile an hour winds. It felt more like Colorado weather than Cape Cod weather.

But a pretty photograph with the snowy beach and the storm clouds, don’t you think?