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The Piping Plovers Are Nesting on Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


Yesterday was a gorgeous day so we took a walk down Coast Guard Beach. It was glorious… one of the Top 10 days!

We got part way down the beach and there were some new signs that said, “Nesting Nervous Birds” and  “Area Closed.” We were surprised as the area was not closed a few days ago. We stopped and looked around getting ready to turn back.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a Piping Plover in the distance. Something else was scurrying  by the water. My camera has an awesome zoom so I was able to take a few photographs of the family of Piping Plovers from afar.

I had never seen a Piping Plover chick before. They were so cute and so tiny. What an experience…

Beautiful Lilies Of The Valley Along The Trails On Cape Cod.


It must be that time of the year for the  Lilies of the Valley to bloom. They are so beautiful. We’ve seen so many of them on our last few hikes. They are such a delicate little flower with such a pretty bell-shape.

I took the first photograph on the Doane Rock Trail heading out to Coast Guard Beach and the 2nd photograph on the Nauset Marsh Trail before you get to the overlook of Nauset Marsh. The 2nd one looks like a whole garden of Lilies of the Valley.

So pretty, don’t you think?

The Willetts Were Noisy At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


We have seen so many Willetts this summer, as they are very noisy and let you know they are around. They sound like they are singing “pill-will-willett.” It is a very distinct call. We saw these 2 Willetts  on Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore,  last weekend and many more flying around.

I thought it was pretty cool that I got two of them in one frame. Have you seen or heard any Willets yet this summer?

Pretty Yellow Wildflower On Cape Cod.


I’ve seen this small, yellow wildflower on the side of the roads and also by the parking lot at Coast Guard Beach, but have been unable to identify it. The flowers are about 1/2 inch and the plant is about a foot high.

Does anyone know what kind of wildflower this is?

Trail Through The Dunes At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


There are a couple of trails through the dunes at Coast Guard Beach where you can walk to the salt marsh and follow it out to Nauset Spit and then to the ocean. It is a really pretty walk. We frequently do it in reverse… we will walk down the beach to Nauset Spit and then pick up the trail by the salt marsh on the way back. There is always something new to see.

I loved the clouds in this photograph. What do you think?