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Beautiful View Of Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.


Nauset Marsh is beautiful from any view. I took this photograph the other day at Fort Hill on the trail that goes way down to the water, past the big rock on the right from the upper parking lot.

The grass is all brown but the water was so blue and you can see Coast Guard Station in the background. If you haven’t taken this trail, try it. It’s not too hard and just gorgeous!

Cool Shadow At Nauset Beach On Cape Cod.


I told Phil that I was going to take a walk down Nauset Beach to see if I could find the ship that was starting to come up a couple of weeks ago. (Click on blog link to see other photo.) It had gone down in a storm a long, long time ago. No one was sure which ship it was but you could see a bit of the hull sticking out of the sand.

The only bit of info I got about its location was that it was on the beach toward Chatham. It was a gorgeous day, in the 50s and sunny. You didn’t even need  a winter jacket. Of course I had my winter parks, hat and mittens… just in case! Ha!

I walked and walked for 2 miles and couldn’t find a thing! Did I not walk far enough? Was the tide not low enough? Oh well… I was pretty far down the beach with no one in sight so I decided it was time to head back to the car.

I turned around and took this photo to send to Phil with the caption, “I can’t see anything!” He wrote back, “I see something. Your shadow!” 🙂

Nauset Marsh From The Coast Guard Beach Overlook On Cape Cod.


One of the prettiest views of Nauset Marsh and Coast Guard Beach is from the overlook by the Coast Guard Beach parking lot. There are benches and a picnic table if the weather is nice.

In this photo, you can see Nauset Marsh off to the right and Coast Guard Beach to the left. Down the middle is Nauset Spit where the Atlantic Ocean empties into Nauset Marsh. The boats that are moored there look like little dots in the water.

Such a pretty overlook. Have you ever been there?

The Captain Penniman House In Eastham On Cape Cod Is Renovated And Gorgeous!


The Captain Penniman House sits on top of a hill at Fort Hill where we love to hike. I did a little research and learned that “Captain Penniman became one of the most successful whaling captains in New England. After his fourth voyage, he returned home to Eastham to build a home for his family on 12 acres purchased from his father.

Sitting atop Fort Hill in Eastham is the Second Empire style home of Captain Edward Penniman. Built in 1868 the two-and-one-half story house features a central hall plan with two rooms on each side. Rising from the center of the roof is an octagonal cupola with arched windows on all sides. The house holds the Penniman family’s written records and artifact collection, both of which provide a glimpse of the places visited on the family’s whaling voyages.

It has recently been repainted so that it now depicts the residence’s authentic, original colors.

It’s all part of a Centennial Challenge Fund commemorating the National Park Services’ 100th anniversary in 2016.

The park service awarded $85,000 to match $100,000 pledged by the Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore (Friends), the seashore’s nonprofit partner, and $15,000 of funds that were donated by Eastern National, the seashore’s cooperating association.”

Such a treasure to have nearby. Have you ever seen the Captain Penniman House?