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Nauset Spit On Cape Cod Is Always Beautiful.


The small body of water that connects Nauset Marsh and the Atlantic Ocean and divides the beach with Nauset Beach on the south side and Coast Guard Beach on the north side is called Nauset Spit. It is not very wide, but wide enough for smaller boats to get through.

You can get to it by walking from Nauset Beach (a long walk) or Coast Guard Beach (a not as long walk). I took this photograph from the Coast Guard Beach side. Beautiful, don’t you think?

Fort Hill On Cape Cod Is Awesome Any Time Of The Year!


Fort Hill, part of the National Seashore,  is a wonderful place to go… any time of the year. You can hike or walk or sit on the bench and enjoy those spectacular views of Nauset Marsh.

You can take a walk on the boardwalk across Red Maple Swamp down to Hemenway Landing and see the boats going in or out.

Fort Hill is always a special place… any time of the year.


Marconi Beach In Wellfleet Is Just Gorgeous!


If you hike the White Cedar Swamp Trail in Wellfleet and then take the ramp up to the overlook where the old Marconi Wireless Station used to be, this is what you will see. Pretty spectacular, don’t you think? (Click on blog link for other photograph.)

I took the two photographs with my new iPhone 12 Pro and used the two settings. I couldn’t decide which one  I liked better. What do you think?

White Cedar Swamp Trail In Wellfleet On Cape Cod Was Magical!


I love hiking White Cedar Swamp Trail, especially off-season. Rarely do you see another person, so you have the whole trail to yourself. Once you get to the boardwalk, it becomes magical.

Look at those colors! They are just spectacular! I took these photographs a couple of days ago on a very cloudy day. It always takes my breath away.

Wishing you a Happy and Magical New Year!