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Hot Pink Stork’s Bill Wildflowers Are Blooming At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The Stork’s Bill wildflowers have always been one of the first of the wildflowers that bloom at Fort Hill. But this year, they are just starting to bloom. I love their hot pink color that dots the sides of the trails.

Have you seen the Stork’s Bill Wildflowers at Fort Hill?

Gorgeous Monarch Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

We were having a picnic breakfast at Fort Hill yesterday and were commenting that we hadn’t seen many Monarch butterflies this summer… maybe only a handful. And then this gorgeous one landed on the Milkweed plant nearby. Just beautiful…

The Hot Pink Sweet Pea Wildflowers Are Blooming Everywhere On Cape Cod!

The Sweet Pea wildflowers are blooming everywhere…. On the beaches, on the trails, by the roads, in the meadows… just everywhere! And they are absolutely gorgeous this summer. Wow! (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I took this photo at Fort Hill along the trail… so pretty! Have you seen them everywhere too?