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First Seal Of The Season At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


I saw my first seal of the season at Coast Guard Beach the other day. There were quite a few of them in the water, so the water must be warming up a bit. The latest I heard was that the water was 54 degrees. Brrrr…

Cute little guy, don’t you think?

The Wild Lupine Wildflowers Are Magnificent At Fort Hill On Cape Cod!


The Wild Lupine wildflowers at Fort Hill are magnificent this year! Last year was a very lean year for the Wild Lupine so it was a big treat to see them all blooming the other day.

Wild Lupine grows to about 20″ with elongated clusters of blue 1/2″ pea-flowers.

The Least Terns Are Nesting At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


The Least Terns were quite noisy as we walked by their roped off area on Coast Guard Beach. The nesting area is off limits to people and pets as the Least Terns and the Piping Plovers lay their eggs and raise their young.

This Least Tern looked so regal as he posed for his photograph!

Two Perspectives At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


It was a glorious day, in the 70s by 9:00 in the morning with the sun shining brightly and a cool breeze coming off the water at Coast Guard Beach. And there were only a few people on the beach.

So Phil and I each took a photograph of the only couple sitting on the beach this morning. I loved the sun shimmering on the water, while he loved the more vibrant colors.

What do you think?

Coast Guard Beach By Nauset Spit On Cape Cod


It looks like a lot of the sand has moved down on Coast Guard Beach close to Nauset Spit. You can see where it is roped off for the nesting of the Piping Plovers and Least Terns. There is enough elevation of the sand that it is not covered at high tide.
I took this photograph of Phil (the little speck in the middle in the distance) from Nauset Spit as he started to walk back down the beach. The beach looks massive, don’t you think?