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Looking Across Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.


This is such a pretty view looking across Nauset Marsh out toward Coast Guard Beach. And this Seagull just happened to be perched on this rock which made it even better.

I loved the colors. What do you think? The water is so still…

The Captain Penniman House On Cape Cod.


I always take photographs of the front of the Captain Penniman House at Fort Hill in Eastham, but the back is just as pretty.

“The Penniman House was built at the end of the Victorian Age and styled after the French Second Empire Period (1855-1870). The house was designed by an unknown architect, built by local artisans using the finest available materials, and sited on land purchased from Captain Penniman’s father.

Completed in 1868 for the family’s use while the Captain continued his whaling career, the house included every known comfort and many innovative ideas. The foundation was laid on the existing ground, the basement walls built up, and fill brought in to raise the surrounding land by eight feet. This provided excellent drainage, ensuring a dry basement, and raised the windows of the cupola high enough for the Captain to observe the ships passing in both Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.”

This photograph is the side facing the Atlantic Ocean. So beautiful and interesting, don’t you think?

Herring Cove Beach In Provincetown On Cape Cod.


We took a drive up to Provincetown and stopped at Herring Cove Beach the other day. We had not been there in a couple of years and the changes were amazing! There is a new road and parking lot. Here you can see all of the beach grass that they planted to keep erosion down. The trails leading from the parking lot to the beach are spread out and fenced in along the newly planted beach grass.

Kudos to the Cape Cod National Seashore. It looks fantastic… and the beach looks huge! You can even see  the Race Point Lighthouse way in the distance.

Still Plenty Of Seals At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


We were so surprised to see so many seals still swimming around at Coast Guard Beach the other day. They were pretty close to shore. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

It was low tide so we walked down the beach to Nauset Spit where we saw a huge sandbar covered with hundreds of seals. And were they making a racket! You could hear them from far away!