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Coyote Looking For Breakfast On The Salt Marsh On Cape Cod

We were driving across the salt marsh early the other day when I saw this coyote out hunting for breakfast. I had never seen a coyote on Cape Cod and this one was just a little ways from our home.


He was way out on the salt marsh as he prowled about.  You can see how he is pouncing as he finds something that looked interesting in the grasses.

Cool photo, don’t you think?

Lots Of Greater Yellowlegs At Boat Meadow In Eastham On Cape Cod

One of my favorite walks at my new home here in Eastham on Cape Cod is across the bridge at Boat Meadow Marsh. It is just spectacular. There is always something new to see.

I heard some birds calling and looked over as they all landed on the marsh. It wasn’t until I looked at my photographs later that I realized they were a flock of Greater Yellowlegs. I have never seen more than 2 of them together, so this was really special, even though they were pretty far away.

Willett Searching For Food At Boat Meadow In Eastham On Cape Cod

I feel like I hit the jackpot yesterday when I went for a walk to Boat Meadow on Cape Cod. Thank goodness I had my camera. There were so many different birds!


It was almost high tide when this Willett was searching for food in the seagrass on the shore. It looks like he got a nice crab for lunch!

Willetts stand about 15″ tall with a wing span of 26.” When they fly,  the ends of their wings are black with a wide white stripe down the middle. Very pretty…

The Turkey Vultures Were Everywhere By Boat Meadow On Cape Cod

As I was out and about I noticed all of the Turkey Vultures flying about near Boat Meadow. I counted nine of them. I thought, “There must be something dead that’s pretty big,” as Turkey Vultures are known for their scavenging.

And then when I got down to the beach at Boat Meadow I saw them all fly up onto this one roof. One of them is hidden behind another one.

It looked almost Halloweeny, don’t you think?



Red-Tailed Hawk Posing For Me In Eastham On Cape Cod

I was walking home the other day and looked up in the tree and there was this Red-tailed Hawk just sitting there. I’m sure he was searching for some food. I clicked away as he looked about. The sky was just gorgeous!


And then, when he started staring at me, I quickly left. I really didn’t want to be lunch! 🙂