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Salt Marsh In Eastham On Cape Cod At Low Tide


On my morning bike rides, I ride over several salt marshes in Eastham and Orleans. They are just spectacular, whether it is high tide or low tide.

I took this photograph on the road going to the Eastham side of Rock Harbor as you cross over the salt marsh. You can see the buildings at Rock Harbor in the distance.

And then I edited it two different ways. Which one do you like better?

Great Blue Heron Fishing At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod


I’ve seen this Great Blue Heron fishing at low tide at Rock Harbor several times. He makes quite a squawk as he flies onto the muddy shore. And there he stands, ready to get the pickings in the nearby waters.

The Great Blue Heron is my very favorite bird. He is such a magnificent creature!


The Rock At Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod


This is the rock for which Rock Harbor on Cape Cod is named. It is pretty huge and lies off the beach on the Eastham side.

These Double-Crested Cormorants were enjoying their leisure time at low tide on the rock, as it’s almost time for them to migrate south. You can see how low the tide is by the exposed seagrass which is not visible during high tide.

The second photograph is of the rock out in the distance on the right looking from the Rock Harbor channel. The rock looks so small in the distance, don’t you think?

Waiting For High Tide At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod


I was taking one of my early morning bikes rides and stopped at Rock Harbor in Orleans. It is just beautiful. It was 6:00 am and there was no one around… so peaceful.  Then I looked at the tide and it was low tide so no one could get their boat out because the channel was way too low.

The sky was so pretty so I clicked away. I couldn’t decide if I liked the photograph better with the boat in the foreground or the one with just the boat reflection in the foreground.

What do you think? Which one do you like better?