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Picture Perfect View At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod.

The view doesn’t get much better on the Goose Pond Trail which takes you to the outer beach at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a gorgeous trail through the woods and over the salt marsh out to the beach. This is just one of the many benches along the trails where you can sit down, relax and take it all in.

This bench overlooks the salt marsh out by the beach which is mostly filled in with water at high tide. Beware that the salt marsh fills in very quickly, so best to hike to the outer beach only when the tide is going out or at low tide.


Cap’t Cass At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod Is Looking Really Good!

Cap’t Cass at Rock Harbor is starting to look really good! You can see all of the progress that they are making with the renovating and painting.

Just to see the buoys hanging back up on the side of the restaurant is so cool! We all can’t wait until spring when we can walk through those doors again and enjoy some of that delicious seafood!

Festive Holiday Walk At Wiley Park On Cape Cod.

If you haven’t hiked the trails at Wiley Park during the holiday season, you are in for a big treat! There are Christmas ornaments strung from the trees all along the trails. Each year there seems to be more ornaments and more fun for the whole family.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to the “Secret Santa” who puts a smile on all of our faces as we enjoy the trails at Wiley Park!

Eastham’s Historic Windmill Is Festive With Its Holiday Lights On Cape Cod!

Did you know that the windmill in Eastam is the oldest windmill on Cape Cod? And to see it with its holiday lights is so pretty.

“The Eastham Windmill, located in Eastham, Massachusetts, is the oldest windmill on Cape Cod. It was constructed by Eastham resident Thomas Paine in Plymouth in 1680. It was first moved to nearby Truro in 1770, then finally to Eastham in 1793. In 1808 the windmill was moved to its present location, near the Eastham Town Hall and the Eastham Public Library. Eastham Windmill, as part of the Eastham Center Historic District, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.”