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Raking For Oysters On Oyster Sunday At The Salt Pond On Cape Cod!


It was a gorgeous Sunday to be out in the waters looking for oysters at Nauset Salt Pond in Eastham on Cape Cod. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Yesterday, called “Oyster Sunday,” was the first of 3 Sundays in the fall that people can get a “Oyster” license and search for oysters in designated areas at Nauset Salt Pond and the river leading into it.

Looks like fun! This guy was walking back with his bucket full.

Have you ever participated in Oyster Sundays at the Eastham Salt Pond by the visitors center?

Paddle Surfing On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


Yesterday was a glorious day on Cape Cod! It was sunny and warm and the waves were cranking. Summer is still with us!

There were a few surfers trying to catch a wave at Coast Guard Beach but this paddle surfer caught one when I was there.

Enjoy this gorgeous weather… for a while longer!


Enjoying Summer And Swimming At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


Yesterday it crowded at Coast Guard Beach! I’ve never seen so many people  enjoying the gorgeous day. It was that perfect beach day… sunny and warm.  And it was a nice surprise with all that we’ve been reading in the news about the Cape. (Click blog link to see other photo.)

And… people were enjoying the cool water to escape the heat of the beach. It was the perfect summer day!

Sunday Was A Perfect Beach Day At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


Sunday was a perfect beach day at Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore,  on Cape Cod! The weather was sunny and warm with a little breeze. The trolley was running nonstop bringing people to the beach as they were soaking up the beginning of a beautiful holiday week on Cape Cod!

Looks pretty inviting, huh?