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Fort Hill Tree Art On Cape Cod


With all of the windy storms that we’ve had in the past few months, there are a lot of trees and branches strewn about at Fort Hill and everywhere. Someone decided to make some of the trees and branches and and vines into “tree art.” How clever!

It looks pretty cool, don’t you think? And then we started wondering… I hope the vines that they used to tie them together are not Poison Ivy vines!

Liam’s At Nauset Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod To Be Demolished This Week After Nor’Easter


Liam’s at Nauset Beach, a popular summer clam shack known for its “world famous onion rings” will be demolished this week after the Nor’easter last weekend. The storm decimated the dune in front of Liam’s and now Liam’s on the verge of falling into the ocean.

Liam’s at Nauset Beach has been a popular summer restaurant for 63 years, originally known as Philbrick’s Snack Shack. Jon Ohman took it over in 1990 and renamed it Liam’s.

Back in 1954, more than 250 feet of sand and beach grass separated the shack from the ocean. Erosion usually takes about 12  feet per year but two powerful storms in the past two months have swallowed up more than 60 feet of the protective buffer.

There have been so many people stopping by Liam’s and Nauset Beach, almost as if it were “calling hours” to say their last goodbyes. So sad. The storm last weekend has taken 2 icons in the area…. the majestic tree at Fort Hill and now Liam’s at Nauset Beach.

As Jon said to us yesterday, “It is truly a day that we can be in awe of nature.”