Stunning Belted Kingfisher At Hemenway Landing On Cape Cod.

When I heard that distinct rapid call of “kek-kek-kek” from the Belted Kingfisher, I knew he was nearby.  And there he was, flying over Nauset Marsh before he landed on top of the dead tree right near us at Hemenway Landing. What  treat!

2 thoughts on “Stunning Belted Kingfisher At Hemenway Landing On Cape Cod.”

  1. Evidently the long beak is used for more than fishing: some Belted Kingfisher facts from the Audubon Field Guide:

    “In courtship display, male brings fish, feeds it to female. Nest site is in steep or vertical dirt bank, usually with higher content of sand than clay. Both sexes take part in digging a long horizontal tunnel with nest chamber at end. Tunnel is generally 3-6′ long and usually slopes upward from entrance. ”

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