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Empty Kayak And Canoe Racks After A Fun Boating Season On Cape Cod.

The kayak and canoe racks at Hemenway Landing in Eastham are empty and ready to be put away for the winter. Their number has certainly has grown since the original two were installed a few years ago.

It is wonderful that so many places on Cape Cod offer these racks for boaters to store their kayak or canoe for the summer so that people can really enjoy the Cape Cod waters.

Stunning Belted Kingfisher At Hemenway Landing On Cape Cod.

When I heard that distinct rapid call of “kek-kek-kek” from the Belted Kingfisher, I knew he was nearby.  And there he was, flying over Nauset Marsh before he landed on top of the dead tree right near us at Hemenway Landing. What  treat!