A Savannah Sparrow… A First For Me On Cape Cod!

We were taking a walk on Boat Meadow Beach when we saw a little bird scurry about in the sand. We both thought it was just a regular “sparrow,” but took some photos anyway… just in case. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

When I got home, I pulled it up on my computer and realized that it was not just an ordinary sparrow, but a Savannah Sparrow…. a first for both of us here on Cape Cod.

Savannah Sparrows are identified by the small yellow patch on their face right in front of the eye. They breed in open areas with low vegetation.

Have you ever seen a Savannah Sparrow?


One thought on “A Savannah Sparrow… A First For Me On Cape Cod!”

  1. Interesting name. I wonder how they may be connected to the city, or if it’s related to their habitat preferences, as a “savanna” is a grassy plain in tropical or subtropical regions.

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