The US Coast Guard Station At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Was Open To The Public

The Us Coast Guard Station at Coast Guard Beach was open to the public last weekend for anyone who wanted to learn some very interesting facts and take a tour of the facility. The last time it was open to the public was in 1967, so it was quite a treat to be able to go inside and see how the “Coasties” lived and worked.

This is a picture which is hanging on the wall inside the station which shows what the station used to look like with the motorized Surf Rescue Boats “on call” next door. The second photograph is of the bunk room inside.


We were told that there was a Coast Guard Station every 5 miles along the coast to help with any rescues, which there were many. The “Coasties” would each walk 2.5 milesĀ up and down theĀ beach which assured that every mile of the ocean was seen. There was a little shack at the 2.5 mile mark so the men could rest or get a cup of warm coffee.



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