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The Piping Plovers Are Back On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


Yesterday was a gorgeous day so we took an early morning walk on Coast Guard Beach. It was just beautiful. Just as we were about to reach the newly posted signs about the nesting Piping Plovers, I saw something scurry from the water up onto the beach.

There it was… our first Piping Plover of the season. What a treat! There were a pair of them there and, farther down the beach closer to Nauset Spit, there was another pair. It looked like they were scratching their nests, as Piping Plovers lay their eggs on a simple scrape in the sand on an open beach.

Our beautiful morning walk  turned into a  very special morning walk.

Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Was Spectacular Yesterday!


Yesterday was a gorgeous day so we decided to have a picnic in the car at Nauset Light Beach and then go to Coast Guard Beach for a little walk. It was just gorgeous.

We walked partway down the beach but the tide was coming in and we didn’t want to get stuck on the way back. I  love the sound of the waves as they were churning and breaking way far out!

Pretty sky, don’t you think?

Social Distancing In Nature On Cape Cod.


While the world is learning how to practice “social distancing,” we found a perfect way in nature. Yesterday we went for an early hike at Fort Hill in the morning. It was just beautiful with the Song Sparrows and Red-Winged Blackbirds singing away. We went home and packed a picnic lunch for our first picnic of the year, followed by a nice long hike to Coast Guard Beach. It was a gorgeous day. What a treat!

It is always refreshing to listen to nature… the birds singing, the animals in the brush, the wind in the tree, the waves… You feel good, just to be outside and breathe the fresh air.

It’s a wonderful way to “social distance” yourself and enjoy your time while doing it, especially at such a difficult time in the world.


The Red-Winged Blackbirds Are Back On Cape Cod!


When I was taking a walk near the salt marsh a few days ago, I heard the call of the Red-Winged Blackbird. I love that call! “Cuck-a-ree!” It is just beautiful! To me, it means that spring is here! They usually come back in March, but this was earlier than I remember.

Yesterday when I was at the Coast Guard Beach, there were 2 Red-winged Blackbirds calling back and forth to each other from the top of the trees in the parking lot. So, this is my first photograph of a Red-winged Blackbird this year! What a treat!

Beautiful bird, don’t you think? Have you heard their distinct call yet this spring?