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Still Paddle Surfing At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


There were several paddle surfers enjoying the glorious day at Coast Guard Beach a few days ago when temperatures were in the high 50s. This paddle surfer was catching some awesome waves from the off-shore breeze. Perfect day for surfing!

Red-Throated Loon At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


I love to see the Red-Throated Loon in the water off of Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod. It is such an elusive seabird as it continuously dives for its food.

This Loon just surfaced and was looking around, so we got a minute to click away.

Beautiful bird, don’t you think?

Yellow-Legged Meadowhawk Dragonfly On Doane Rock Trail On Cape Cod.


I’ve seen quite a few of these Yellow-legged Meadowhawk dragonflies in the past few weeks, but they have never landed long enough for me to get a photograph. This one was on the side of the trail going from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach. It’s a gorgeous hike.

This Yellow-legged Meadowhawk is reddish-brown with a reddish-orange thorax. It’s wings are clear and its legs are yellowish. They are very common late in the season.

Look at that little face! Wow!!



Yesterday Was Gorgeous On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


Yesterday was just gorgeous with temperatures in the mid 60s. It was a perfect day to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore. The weather was sunny and breezy but not the least bit cold, especially for November.

I took this photograph of Phil as he was trying to photograph a Common Loon that kept diving underwater.

Just the two of us… not bad!

Entertaining Seals At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


We were taking a walk along Coast Guard Beach and kept seeing little pods of maybe 4-5 seals hanging out together.  There were many of these little groups along the way.

What made them comical was that they all seemed to be  napping, lying in the water with their eyes shut. Occasionally one would take a peek to see what was going on.

All you could see was their heads bobbing in the water. Have you ever seen them like that? So funny, don’t you think?


White-Winged Scoters At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


We could see a lot of birds out in the water at Coast Guard Beach, but it wasn’t until we got home and saw them on the computer that we realized they were White-winged Scoters. What a treat!

White-winged Scoters have a black body with a white eye patch and a white patch on the underside of its wings that you can see better when it flies. They can be seen on Cape Cod  and along the eastern coast during the winter. This is the first “winter” seabird that we’ve seen this season.

Have you ever seen a White-winged Scoter?