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Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Is Open And Glorious!

Yesterday afternoon was so gorgeous I thought I would take a ride to Coast Guard Beach and take a few photographs from the path to the beach. Was I in for a big surprise when I saw that the barrier was gone and the beach was open!

What a beautiful day it was! I hadn’t been to the beach in a while with the rainy and windy weather that we’ve been having here on the Cape. I walked all the way to Nauset Spit and loved every second of it! Pinch me!

Lots Of Erosion On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

The new path to Coast Guard Beach is no longer. It got wiped out in last weekend’s storm and left a 10-15 foot drop-off. Wow!

You can see that the water goes way up to the dunes and it was 2 hours until high tide. Mother Nature sure has a way of showing herself.

I wonder how anyone will be able to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach this winter… and how will it be accessible next summer. Thank goodness for the National Seashore and all the work that they do.