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Dunes On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


The dunes on Coast Guard Beach have changed so much over the winter. You can see all of the dark brown undergrowth and roots that are now exposed. The clouds and sky were so interesting.

I edited the photograph in 2 subtle ways. I couldn’t decide which one I like better.  What do you think?

Nauset Spit From Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


If you walk down Coast Guard Beach, you will come to Nauset Spit where the ocean empties into the salt marsh at high tide and the waters recede at low tide. It is where boats can navigate in and out of Orleans Cove by following the buoys. There is a huge swing from high tide to low tide.

I couldn’t decide if I like the horizontal or vertical photograph of Nauset Spit at low tide better. What do you think?

I took these photographs a couple of weeks ago before the Nor’easter. I wonder what it will look like when we can get back there again… It has been so cold and windy that we haven’t walked there yet.

Coast Guard Beach, Part Of The National Seashore, On Cape Cod


It was low tide the other day when we went to Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. The fence and sign “No Beach Access” were not up so we could take a walk on the beach. It’s obvious that at high tide the beach is pretty much nonexistent. Maybe that will change by summer. There are also a lot of new sandbars where there we no sandbars before.

The dunes gotten eaten away as you can see in the photograph. That is Phil in the distance where the trail meets the beach. You can see the new sandbar on the right.

Pretty huge dunes, don’t you think?

Coast Guard Beach On The National Seashore During The Storm Last Weekend


Coast Guard Beach was hammered last weekend during the huge storm. I took a run down to the beach to see what it looked like, but couldn’t get to the beach because the water was so high. This is as far as I got along the trail. The ocean was raging!

The 2nd photograph shows the boardwalk on Nauset Marsh that we walk on to get from Coast Guard Beach to Doane Rock underwater. That is unbelievable! I have never seen the water this high!