Old Fishing Boat In The Ice At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod

We were driving back from town yesterday morning when we saw this fishing boat in the icy channel at Rock Harbor in Orleans. I took a few photos, thinking it was stuck in the ice.

We drove down to the pier and saw some of the crew working feverishly on board to get the outriggers down. We wondered how they would get off of the boat that was stuck in the ice.

Much to our surprise they started the engines up and took off through the ice, and very easily I might add, out to the rough seas. I realized that they couldn’t put the outriggers down going down the channel in the harbor as it is not wide enough so they had to stop at the mouth of the harbor to put them down. And then I researched what they are used for and learned that the outriggers widen the trolling area for fishing.

The moral of this story… don’t write the story before it plays out! I had it all written and then a nice surprise!

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