Northern Gannets High Above Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

It was awesome to see the Northern Gannets flying high in the sky above Coast Guard Beach the other day. The Northern Gannet is a seabird and the largest of the Gannet Family.

“Adults are 32–43 inches long, weigh 4.9–7.9 lb and have a 65–71 inch wingspan. Adults are white with dark wingtips. Northern Gannets dive vertically into the sea at velocities of up to 62 mph.” Wow!

Very cool, don’t you think? Have you ever seen a Northern Gannet?


One thought on “Northern Gannets High Above Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod”

  1. 62 mph! So it’s fitting that they look like jet aircraft from a distance!
    Love the foamy surf and the green water, too!

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