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The Turkey Vultures Were Everywhere By Boat Meadow On Cape Cod

As I was out and about I noticed all of the Turkey Vultures flying about near Boat Meadow. I counted nine of them. I thought, “There must be something dead that’s pretty big,” as Turkey Vultures are known for their scavenging.

And then when I got down to the beach at Boat Meadow I saw them all fly up onto this one roof. One of them is hidden behind another one.

It looked almost Halloweeny, don’t you think?



Red-Tailed Hawk Posing For Me In Eastham On Cape Cod

I was walking home the other day and looked up in the tree and there was this Red-tailed Hawk just sitting there. I’m sure he was searching for some food. I clicked away as he looked about. The sky was just gorgeous!


And then, when he started staring at me, I quickly left. I really didn’t want to be lunch! ūüôā

Great Blue Heron And Osprey At Boat Meadow On Cape Cod


Early yesterday morning we drove by Boat Meadow Marsh and my favorite bird, the Great Blue Heron, was standing among the reeds in the marsh. Perfect photo op. So when I got home I got my camera and walked back.

Blue (as I call him) was still there. Great! But only for a minute and then he flew away. Oh no! I missed him.

A couple of minutes later I saw 2 large birds flying in the sky. I thought they were courting. They seemed to be in sync.

It wasn’t until I went back and looked at my photographs closely that I realized that an Osprey was chasing the Great Blue Heron.

The Goldfinches Have Found Our New Bird Feeder In Eastham On Cape Cod!

One of our favorite pastimes here on Cape Cod is to go birding. There are so many different species of birds. So, one of the first things we bought for our new home is a bird feeder.

We put it up about 10 days ago, thinking the birds would flock to it. Well, we didn’t see any birds for the first 8 days. Did we put it in the wrong place? Then…there were birds everywhere! They had to wait their turn on the nearby branches to get to the food. It’s been so much fun to watch.

So here is one of my first photographs of 1 male and 2 female Goldfinches on our new feeder. Do you have a bird feeder? They are so much fun!