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Beautiful Jack-In-The-Pulpit Wildflower At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod.


I drove up to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary the other day to see their new wildflower gardens and take some wildflower photographs. The gardens have just started to bloom so there were a few flowers to photograph, but peak season will not be for a few weeks.

After spending some time in the gardens, I decided to hike the Silver Spring Trail which is sometimes closed in the morning for bird banding,  and it was now the middle of the afternoon. Maybe there would be something new on the trail.

Wow! I certainly made the right choice! There it was… right on the side of the trail. I have not seen a Jack-in-the Pulpit since I was a little girl, so I was surprised to see one on the Silver Spring Trail. I had never seen one there before and  I almost missed it, as you can see looking at the 2nd photograph. It’s hard to see Jack-in-the-Pulpit.

A Jack-in-the-Pulpit gets it name because it looks like a preacher in a pulpit. It has a green and purple striped hooded tube the grows right beneath a large 3-part leaf. Within the tube is “Jack” (the preacher) that will be covered with miniscule flowers that become bright red berries in August. I will have to keep an eye on it this summer. So cool…

Have you ever seen a Jack-in-the Pulpit?



Colorful Ruddy Turnstone At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod.


If you haven’t been to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at low tide, put it on your list. You can walk all the way out to the beach and you never know what you  will see and you’re never disappointed!

I saw this Ruddy Turnstone, and many more, the other day. There were so many on the outer beach scurrying about, it was hard to count.

I love his very distinctive coloring. What do you think?

Wild Iris At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod.


Each year about this time, the Wild Irises bloom at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. They are easy to spot off the trail as they are so colorful and grow fairly tall.

Pretty, don’t you think?


Black-Bellied Plover At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod!


We headed out to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary early yesterday morning to see what birds were out on the beach, as it was soon to be low tide. We were not disappointed!

Looking for food in the tidal pools was a Black-Bellied Plover and he was beautiful! We spoke to one of the volunteers and she said that this bird was just coming into his plumage.

Beautiful bird, don’t you think?