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Interesting Snail Shells On The trails At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

I saw these 2 pretty snail shells on one of the trails at Fort Hill the other day. I thought perhaps a bird had dropped them there after eating them for lunch. Their coloring was very distinctive.

A few days later I saw some more of these shells and then they started moving!   I then realized that they were indeed snail shells with the snails still inside!

Beautiful Mockingbird Singing Away On Cape Cod

I saw this Mockingbird, high up in the tree, singing away while hiking at Fort Hill on Cape Cod. What a pretty photograph with the blue, blue sky in the background!

They are best known for mimicking the songs of other birds often loudly and in rapid succession. Thus they are called the Mockingbird.

Have you ever heard a Mockingbird? They are usually very chatty and let you know they are nearby.

Gorgeous Day For A Hike At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

It was a gorgeous, somewhat spring-like day here on Cape Cod so we decided to hike the Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill on Cape Cod. The views are spectacular!

Phil took this photograph as we were finishing the Red maple Swamp Trail and heading out to the trail around the meadow. You can see Nauset Marsh and then Nauset Beach way out in the distance.

So pretty!