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Macro Photography With My New Leica Camera


We have been waiting for the new Leica camera to come out for a long time. They finally released the Leica C-Lux this summer and it is awesome! We just received it this week so this is my first macro with my new camera.

I was practicing taking a photograph of a rose in my backyard and noticed that a grasshopper was inside. What a treat!

Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Colorful Ermine Moth Feasting On The Goldenrod On Cape Cod


As I was taking a hike around Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod, I noticed this colorful insect feeding on the Goldenrid by the side of the trail. It was so colorful and so pretty. I clicked away, not having any idea what it was.

It is an Ermine Moth with its wings folded up. As I researched this moth, I learned that they are brightly patterned with a smooth head and considered a pollinator. They are fairly common in this area. I had never seen one before. Have you?