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Yellow-Legged Meadowhawk Dragonfly On Doane Rock Trail On Cape Cod.

I’ve seen quite a few of these Yellow-legged Meadowhawk dragonflies in the past few weeks, but they have never landed long enough for me to get a photograph. This one was on the side of the trail going from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach. It’s a gorgeous hike.

This Yellow-legged Meadowhawk is reddish-brown with a reddish-orange thorax. It’s wings are clear and its legs are yellowish. They are very common late in the season.

Look at that little face! Wow!!



Macro Photography With My New Leica Camera

We have been waiting for the new Leica camera to come out for a long time. They finally released the Leica C-Lux this summer and it is awesome! We just received it this week so this is my first macro with my new camera.

I was practicing taking a photograph of a rose in my backyard and noticed that a grasshopper was inside. What a treat!

Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Colorful Ermine Moth Feasting On The Goldenrod On Cape Cod

As I was taking a hike around Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod, I noticed this colorful insect feeding on the Goldenrid by the side of the trail. It was so colorful and so pretty. I clicked away, not having any idea what it was.

It is an Ermine Moth with its wings folded up. As I researched this moth, I learned that they are brightly patterned with a smooth head and considered a pollinator. They are fairly common in this area. I had never seen one before. Have you?