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Yesterday Was A Gorgeous Day To Be Out On The Water On Cape Cod!

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous, “Indian summer” days that you just want to be outside all day!

These two kayakers and paddle-boarder were enjoying the beautiful weather and calm waters on Cape Cod Bay and the salt marsh. What a perfect day to do just about anything outside!

Paddle Boarder Enjoying The Beautiful Weather On Cape Cod Bay.

I’ve seen this female paddle boarder, who always takes her dog with her, paddling along the shore of Cape Cod Bay many times. Her dog sits quietly  on the board, obviously enjoying the ride.

Last Saturday  was a gorgeous day on Cape Cod with temperatures around 50 and bright, sunny skies. It was the perfect day for paddle boarding with your dog and a wet suit.

Beautiful background, don’t you think? I loved the turquoise blue colors of the water and the sky…