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Arey’s Pond Annual Cat Gathering In Pleasant Bay On Cape Cod.

Yesterday was Arey’s Pond Annual Cat Gathering in Pleasant Bay.  (Click on blog link for other photos.)

The Cat Gathering is one of the largest gatherings of catboats on the East Coast. Catboats and other classic wooden boats are invited to participate in this just-for-fun regatta through Little Pleasant Bay, into Pleasant Bay and back.

It was a perfect day with a good wind and sunny skies and lots of catboats out in the bay. I counted about 90 boats in Pleasant Bay! Wow!  It was quite a sight to see!


2021 Arey’s Pond 14 Worlds Regatta On Cape Cod.

Yesterday was Arey’s Pond’s 2021 14 World’s Regatta on Little Pleasant Bay and Big Pleasant Bay.  The regatta was the best of three US Sailing sanctioned races using a windward-leeward course. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

Two races took place in Little Pleasant Bay, and one took place in Big Pleasant Bay. The goal with this event is to work towards making the Arey’s Pond 14′ Catboat a US Sailing recognized one design class.

It was such fun to watch the races, certainly a group of talented sailors out there sailing! If you missed the races yesterday, you can see Arey’s Pond Annual Cat Gathering today on Pleasant Bay.

Who Is Sunning Themselves On The Rocks In Pleasant Bay On Cape Cod?

Phil and I were out  scouting different launch sites for kayaking around the Pleasant Bay area when we came across this rock out in the water. Hmmm… What was that on the rock? It was way too early for the Cormorants to be back. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

It wasn’t until I got my binoculars out that I saw that they were seals! Wow! And they were pretty far into Little Pleasant Bay and not very far from shore. I have never seen seals there before, especially in the winter! I did not even know that they were around in the winter. They did appear to be enjoying the sunny day lounging on the rock.