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Handmade Boat Builders Show On Cape Cod Is In Hyannis This Weekend.


If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, head out to the Handmade Boat Builders Show in Hyannis. There is so much to see and learn. (Click on blog link for other photos.)


“The Boat Builders Show on Cape Cod was created 18 years ago to showcase the boats built by smaller, independent boat builders. It is one of the few boat shows in the country dedicated to providing these builders an opportunity to showcase their work and demonstrate to the boating public the level of quality and personal service that is available.”

If you’re thinking about buying a handmade boat, the boat show has many different sizes , shapes and interest levels. “Don’t miss the boat!”

This Sailing Season Is Getting Shorter At Arey’s Pond Boat Yard On Cape Cod.

The sailing season at Arey’s Pond Boat Yard is definitely getting shorter as you can see the beautiful masts which have been taken off of the catboats. These will either be put into storage until next spring or taken inside to varnish or repair over the winter.

Arey’s Pond Boat Yard is a one stop boat yard. Their work is second to none and their boats are just gorgeous. They will haul your boat out in the fall, “de-rig” it, and store the boat and everything with it for the winter.  They will repair anything needed and then rig it and put it back in the water in the spring for you to enjoy. It doesn’t get any better!