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It’s Almost Spring At Arey’s Pond On Cape Cod!

There are no boats at Arey’s Pond yet, but in a few weeks there will be much activity, assembling and launching their world-renowned and popular Catboats. I took this photograph from across the pond looking at the boathouse. It will be fun to watch their Catboat fleet grow this spring as the pond fills up with boats of all sizes.

If you’ve never seen a Catboat, they are pretty cool. Google areyspondboatyard.com and you can learn a lot! Arey’s Pond Boat Yard is known for its exemplary workmanship and the elegance of their boats. It is amazing just to read their history!

Arey’s Pond Boat Yard In Orleans On Cape Cod.

We were driving down a one-way dirt road in Orleans the other day looking for a  hiking trail from the Orleans Walking Trail Guide when we came across this gem,  Arey’s Pond Boat Yard. It looked like an old boat yard from the 1950’s with their own sailing school nearby. We got out of the car and walked around. What a cool place.

We learned that Arey’s Boat Yard has been in existence for 60+ years. Wow! It was fun to learn about their famous Arey’s Catboat and take some photographs.  Arey’s Pond is filled with many different kinds of sailboats, motor boats and dinghies. It obviously gets a lot of use as it empties into the Namequoit River and then out to Pleasant Bay.

I found this on their their web site: “Arey’s Pond Boat Yard is the builder of the world renowned APBY catboats. We offer a complete line of catboats, built right at our boat yard, including the 12′ Kitten, the popular 14′ Catboat, the 16′ Lynx and the 20′ Cruising Catboat. We also build a beautiful 20′ Power Launch, restore many wooden craft and, our latest project, the 18′ Arey’s Pond Daysailer.”

What an incredible place, like a diamond in the rough!