We Got To See A Wild Care Cape Cod Release Yesterday!


Phil and I stopped at Boat Meadow Beach yesterday around lunch time to see if there were any birds, as it was low tide. (Click on blog link for other photos.)  And, a couple of minutes later, a car drove up and a lady pulled 2 plastic tubs from her car. Hmmmm….

Might there be birds in them? I had seen many videos of Wild Care Cape Cod when they release their rehabilitated birds and they usually come in a plastic tub. I grabbed my phone and ran down near the water, just in time to watch her release 2 Seagulls and take videos as they flew away.

Very cool! Wild Care Cape Cod does an excellent job in caring for their wildlife whether it be birds, mammals, turtles… whatever. They are experts in their field. It was such a treat to see this! We were in the perfect place at the perfect time!

2 thoughts on “We Got To See A Wild Care Cape Cod Release Yesterday!”

  1. How cool that you and Phil got to see the release of those birds back into their natural habitat. What a happy occasion!!
    Three cheers for Wild Care Cape Cod for nursing these birds back to good health!!

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